Here's how much people your age are spending on Halloween

Busch Gardens parks in Virginia and Florida will morph into “Terror-tories” with six haunted houses for Halloween.
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Between candy, costumes and décor, Americans could spend $15 billion on Halloween this year. And, according to a Harris Poll Online survey of more than 2,000 U.S. adults, conducted on behalf CIT Bank, millennials will be responsible for most of that.

On average, younger people are expected to spend $183 each on candy, costumes, decorations and miscellaneous items. That's compared to $70 for those in Generation X and $23 for baby boomers.

On costumes alone, millennials could spend $66 each, versus $25 for Gen X and only $3 for boomers. And, 29 percent of millennials believe they'll likely spend more than they initially planned. Only 20 percent of Gen X and 11 percent of boomers say the same.

"Millennial consumers continue to demonstrate how they value experiences and are spending and saving accordingly," Ravi Kumar, head of Internet Banking at CIT Bank, says.

"From costumes to parties, Halloween is all about enjoying the moment and has become one the most popular celebrations for those between the ages of 18 [and] 36."

But just because millennials are spending on experiences like Halloween costumes and candy doesn't mean they're not saving for the long-term, too.

According to the study, 61 percent of millennials are currently saving in case of an emergency, compared with 63 percent of those in Gen X and 51 percent of boomers.

And, in general, millennials are than their older peers. In a national survey, Charles Schwab tracked how 1,000 Americans, aged 21 to 75, manage and use their wealth.

It found millennials are better than older generations at financial planning, financial awareness and having confidence in being able to reach financial goals.

What's more, a survey from Nerd Wallet of more than 2,000 Americans found that if millennials keep pace with their current savings habits, they than boomers and $400,000 more than those in Gen X.

Kumar has some tips to become even better at managing your money: "Utilizing products such as high-yield savings accounts and [certificates of deposit] provide the opportunity to make your cash work harder and reach one's savings goals faster.

"This can be beneficial in meeting both near-term goals such as vacation and emergency savings as well as long-term planning."

Look for opportunities to increase your contributions, for instance, like if you get a higher-paying job or a raise. Try automating your savings. And look for ways to .

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