7 ways wealthy, mega-successful people think differently

Elle Kaplan, Contributor
7 ways wealthy, mega-successful people think differently
7 ways wealthy, mega-successful people think differently

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg once said, "People can really be smart or have skills that are directly applicable, but if they don't really believe in it, then they are not going to really work hard."

Ultimately, successful people set themselves apart through a mindset that launches opportunities and makes things possible for them. The mind is so powerful that it can navigate your entire life either into success or away from it.

Mega-successful people are ordinary people with minds that are larger than life. By looking into how they view the world and how they react to it, you could become one of them.

Here are some surprising insights that will help you understand how they think, and how you can adjust your thinking too:

1. They are open to criticism

"It takes humility to realize that we don't know everything, not to rest on our laurels and know that we must keep learning and observing. If we don't we can be sure some startup will be there to take our place." — Cher Wang, CEO of HTC

The wealthy keep up a constant pursuit of learning. Taking the initiative to learn new skills will lead to self-improvement, and that is instrumental to evolve in both your personal and professional life.

There is value in continuously forming simple habits that encourage learning such as reading books, writing, and networking.

2. They love failure

Bill Gates once said that it is fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. Wealthy people are not afraid of failure, unlike average people who often do not even try.

People who succeed in life push their boundaries by leaving their comfort zones and doing everything that it takes to realize their vision, even if it means falling flat on their face.

They don't stress about what failure could do to them. Instead, they think about how they can use failure to help them bounce back.

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3. They grow with like-minded people

"When you're surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible." — Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

Being with people who inspire you to move forward and work hard will help you acquire such positive energy that is needed in the course of working towards your goals in life. Studies reveal that our friends and colleagues greatly impact the choices we make in life, hence the need to be cautious when selecting the people who will surround us.

If you choose to be with people who limit themselves by not thinking big, you may unintentionally adopt their negative mindset and that will hinder your success.

4. They remove emotions from the equation

Wealthy individuals handle their money differently by maintaining a logical relationship with it. They do not let money control them; instead, they see that it represents options and opportunities. Logic helps them keep their emotions from taking over when it comes to making decisions on how to grow finances.

Furthermore, they do not follow what other people do or get easily affected by present threats. They go back to their plan and maintain a forward looking perspective.

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5. They delay gratification

Mega-moguls know how to delay gratification because they are in it for greater rewards. According to Alphabet CEO Larry Page, lots of companies do not succeed over time, and their fundamental mistake is that they miss the future.

Studies have proven that people who have the ability to wait despite the longing to give in will reap huge benefits in the future.

Patience also says a lot about a person's willpower and discipline. In the world of investing, it often seems like there's a good opportunity to sell stocks during unexpected upturns. Those who give in may enjoy quick rewards but miss much more promising returns because they didn't stick to their long-term investing goals.

6. They are fully committed

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that people who become CEOs have showed tenacity and hard work. But that level of achievement, according to her, takes not just skills but also extreme dedication and commitment.

Fueled by passion, successful people know that once they have embarked on a journey towards their goals, there is no backing out regardless of uncertainty. They take calculated risks as needed. Moreover, they take responsibility for their actions and their results.

These people are committed to success, unlike most people, who are half-hearted, because they know they need to work hard and work smart. Strategically planning their moves helps them channel the energies that are required of them to succeed.

7. They set the expectations sky high

If you aspire to utmost success in life, you can't limit yourself. Mega-successful people challenge themselves to think ahead and think bigger than the rest. They focus on things that matter and eliminate causes of stress.

When you expect a lot from yourself, hard work and persistence will follow. You can start by possessing an exponential mindset, rethinking your process and aiming high.

Elle Kaplan is the Founder and CEO of LexION Capital, a fiduciary wealth management firm in New York City serving high-net-worth individuals. She is also the Chief Investment Officer and Founder of LexION Alpha.

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