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10 helpful gifts for recent college grads

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Recent college grads have a lot of needs. You may not be able to pay off their student loans, land them a high-paying job or find them affordable housing — but a thoughtful holiday gift can help ease the transition into independent adulthood.

Here are 10 considerate and practical gifts for the recent college graduate in your life:

An alarm clock

Price: $40
Buy now: Braun alarm clock

A sleek, reliable grown up alarm clock can help anyone get out of bed on time for work. 

A business card holder

Price: $7
Buy now: Stainless steel card case

Help them bring an extra touch of professionalism to all those networking events.

A diploma frame

Bed Bath & Beyond

Price: $29.99
Buy now: PhotoGuard graduation frame

Chances are, you and your family have spent a serious chunk of cash on that diploma — show it off with pride.

A french press

Crate & Barrel

Price: $40.00
Buy now: French press

Help your favorite recent graduate cut costs by offering them a stylish way to get their caffeine fix at home instead of at an expensive coffee shop. 


Blue Apron delivery service.
Source: Blue Apron

Price: $60
Buy now: Blue Apron gift card

When there's no longer the dining hall to rely on, meal kit services like Blue Apron can help young people save on groceries and learn how to cook healthy meals for themselves. 

A gym membership

Price: $89.99/month
Buy now: New York Sports Club

No more working out at the university fitness center! Getting the recent grad in your life a gym membership can help them stay healthy and happy. 

An instant pot

Instant Pot
Source: Amazon

Price: $109.00
Buy now: Instant Pot

The Instant Pot has been flying off of Amazon's virtual shelves this season, and for good reason. The seemingly magical multi-cooker is versatile, energy-efficient and fast.

A mini steamer

Joy Mangano

Price: $19.99
Buy now: Joy Mangano mini hand steamer

This mini steamer is small enough to fit into even the smallest of apartments and perfect for smoothing out the wrinkles in any new work outfit.

A suit


Price: $266-$498
Buy now: For men and for women

Every young professional should have a go-to suit for special occasions and job interviews. 

A suitcase


Price: $255
Buy now: Carry-on suitcase

As grads start the next chapter of their lives, they will need something sturdy and reliable to travel with. Suitcases like these are durable, flexible and can even charge your phone. 

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