The 8 best moments from ‘Shark Tank’ this year

“Shark Tank,” Sunday, Nov., on The ABC Television
ABC | Michael Desmond

At its heart, ABC's "Shark Tank" isn't a show about business. It's about people. The investors get in fights, entrepreneurs do outlandish things to make a splash for their business, millions of dollars are won and lost and every once in a while — dreams come true.

Here are eight of the best moments from "Shark Tank" in 2017.

1. Richard Branson and Mark Cuban got in a water fight

Shark Tank Episode 903, things get fiery in the Tank when Sir Richard Branson vents his frustration with Mark Cuban in a shocking, never-before-seen way.
Disney ABC | Getty Images

While appearing as a guest investor on "Shark Tank," billionaire Richard Branson dumped a glass of water on fellow billionaire Mark Cuban's head. Cuban — visibly annoyed — did it right back.

The fight erupted during a pitch for a meditation app, Simple Habit, after Cuban referred to the company's CEO, Yunha Kim, as a "gold digger." Since Simple Habit had already raised $2.8 million from other investors, Cuban used the phrase to mean that her start-up didn't really need money from the sharks, she was just on the show for publicity.

Branson says he dumped the water to "fight for her honor." Kim left without a deal, but you can watch the full clip from the Season 9 premiere here.

2. Two co-founders showed up with a naked guy

On a Season 8 episode, the founders of Wine & Design came on "Shark Tank" with a memorable visual element in their pitch: a naked male model.

"This has been the best pitch on 'Shark Tank.' Bar none," investor Barbara Corcoran says.

The business, run by husband and wife Patrick and Harriet Mills, operates franchise locations where customers are instructed in a painting lesson and can drink wine. The nude guy was there to demo the company's popular bachelorette party package for the judges. They left with a deal from Kevin O'Leary.

3. Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary fought over wine for cats

Brandon Zavala, the founder of Apollo Peak, managed to get Kevin O'Leary and Daymond John to bid against each other for the chance to own a portion of his company — a venture that makes wine for cats and dogs.

"Honestly I can't believe that I got multiple offers," Zavala says. "I was not thinking that any offers would really come out of this."

His business sells products with names like MosCATo, Pinot MEOW and CharDOGnay which have ingredients like chamomile, beet juice and catnip. In the end, O'Leary snagged the deal.

"That's what I love about 'Shark Tank.' Who could even think this. I love it!" O'Leary says of the Season 8 pitch.

4. Bethenny Frankel waxed Mark Cuban's arm

In Season 9, Cuban lost a chunk of his arm hair.

When Jennifer Paschall and Gita Vasseghi came on the show to pitch a product called No Mo-Stache, portable wax strips sold in a tin, guest investor Bethenny Frankel decided to put them to the test — on Cuban's arm.

"I just waxed Mark's arm, which I never thought I'd say in this lifetime," says Frankel on the show, while holding up a strip covered in hair. "I just waxed his arm and it is very neat."

The entrepreneurs left with an investment from Frankel and Lori Greiner.

5. The sharks played flip cup with the Gronkowski brothers

Chris Gronkowski from Colleyville, Texas, his brother Rob Gronkowski from the New England Patriots, and the rest of the Gronk brothers bring an insulated sports bottle to the Tank.
ABC | Michael Desmond

While you would expect drinking games to be part of a fraternity party, it might not seem obvious as a way to raise money for a start-up.

But when Chris Gronkowski, a former NFL player, and his famously athletic brothers Rob, Glenn, Dan and Gordon came on "Shark Tank" during Season 9 to pitch a new kind of shaker bottle, a game of flip cup was part of the presentation.

Gronkowski walked away with a deal from Mark Cuban and guest shark Alex Rodriguez. You can watch the full clip here.

6. Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec all went in on adult wine sippy cups — to beat out Kevin O'Leary

Moms Shannon Zappala and Regan Kelaher found themselves in the lucky position of having multiple sharks wanting to invest in Goverre, their business which sells $24 glass sippy cups (protected with silicon sleeves) for taking wine places, like to a picnic or on a boat.

After Kevin O'Leary, who owns an online wine business, made an offer, Cuban, Greiner and Herjavec teamed up for some three-way friendly competition, "Just to beat the hell out of Kevin!" according to Cuban.

Adds Greiner to O'Leary: "We will squash you like the little cockroach you are!"

7. An entrepreneur lived the "American Dream"

'Shark Tank' entrepreneur weeps when he gets a $100,000 check, says it's the 'American Dream'

For Robbie Cabral, "Shark Tank" meant the chance to live the "American Dream."

After being laid off from his job in 2014, Cabral had an idea to invent a lock that could be opened with the touch of a fingerprint. He built the product, called Benjilock, and appeared on the show during Season 9, where he made a deal with Kevin O'Leary.

But, that was just the start of his good fortune. O'Leary with Kim Kelley, the CEO of Hampton Products International, a company that specializes in hardware and security which bought the rights to license the lock in North America.

Kelley came to CNBC to give Cabral a $100,000 check from the deal. After opening it, Cabral began to cry.

"It is basically the American dream for me," . "Hopefully, now I can actually provide for my family and bring jobs too — that is the goal for me. I'm extremely happy."

Robbie Cabral (c) founder and CEO of BenjiLock with Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary (l) and Hamptons Products CEO Kim Kelley (r).
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

8. Mark Cuban offered advice to a 17-year-old

Mark Cuban
Justin Sullivan | Getty Images

When 17-year-old Ehan Kamat walked onto the set of "Shark Tank" hoping to raise money for his company Solemender, which sells freeze-able rollers meant to relieve foot pain, he had a plan. He was so passionate about building his company that he intended to forgo college to pursue it.

For Mark Cuban, that plan was a "bad idea."

"You remind me a lot of me," Cuban says on the episode. "My earliest memories are re-packaging baseball cards and selling them. You have that same type of drive. But, I would be devastated if you didn't go to college."

His advice? Go to school and learn everything you can.

"Learn, learn, learn. The greatest competitive advantage is knowledge," Cuban says. "Learning accounting, learning finance, learning marketing, the more you can pull together, the quicker you can make decisions, the more competitive you can be, the greater advantage."

Kamat left without a deal, but guest shark Alex Rodriguez did make him an offer: "I'll give you my card, when you get out of college, please come and let me know what is next."

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