10 companies that will help you retire a millionaire

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According to the International Longevity Centre — UK (ILC-UK), you should save at least 11 percent of your income in order to retire comfortably. However, research shows that most Americans fall short of this goal, with just $5,000 tucked away for retirement.

Eric Roberge, a CFP and founder of Beyond Your Hammock, tells CNBC Make It that the biggest mistake most people make when saving for retirement is not taking advantage of their employer's 401(k) match.

"If you have a 401(k) at work and you choose to open a Roth IRA, and your employer's willing to give you 100 percent of the first 5 percent that you put in your 401(k), you're missing out on free money," he says.

To help you find a company that'll set you on the road to a comfortable retirement, no matter your current salary, job search platform Glassdoor compiled a list of companies with strong 401(k) programs and substantial company matches.

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1. Amazon

Details of 401(k) offered: According to Amazon's website, the company offers a 401(k) savings plan with a company match in addition to a company-paid life and accident coverage plan.

Hiring locations: New York; Jersey City, New Jersey; Newark, New Jersey; Sunnyvale, California; Seattle and more

2. Wells Fargo

Details of 401(k) offered: According to Wells Fargo's website, the company will match contributions that are up to 6 percent of an employee's pay if they have been with the company for at least one year. The company will also make profit sharing contribution's to an employee's retirement plan based off their work performance.

Hiring locations: New York; Summit, New Jersey; Hicksville, New York; London, United Kingdom; Manila, Philippines and more

3. Accenture

Details of 401(k) offered: Accenture explains on its website that all new employees are eligible to enroll in a 401(k) account through automatic payroll deductions. After working with the company for a year, Accenture will then match contributions up to 6 percent of an employee's pay.

Hiring locations: New York; Florham Park, New Jersey; Dallas; Seattle; Austin, Texas and more

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4. Comcast

Details of 401(k) offered: According to the company's website, Comcast offers automatic 401(k) enrollment along with matching contributions up to 6 percent of an employee's eligible pay.

Hiring locations: New York; Union, New Jersey; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Oakland, California; West Palm Beach, Florida; Pittsburgh and more

5. Oracle

Details of 401(k) offered: Oracle explains in a video on its website that employees can choose to place their money in a pre-tax contribution account or a post-tax contribution account. Oracle will match 50 percent of an employee's first 6 percent of contributions if they use a pre-tax account.

Hiring locations: New York; Austin, Texas; Washington, D.C.; Salt Lake City and more

6. Capital One

Details of 401(k) offered: According to Capital One's website, the company has a 401(k) Associate Savings Plan and offers contributions to employee accounts.

Hiring locations: New York, New York; Hoboken, New Jersey; Jersey City, New Jersey; Boston; Vienna, Virginia; Richmond, Virginia; San Francisco and more

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7. Target

Details of 401(k) offered: Target explains on their website that the company matches contributions up to 5 percent of eligible pay once an employee is 18 years of age or has completed 1,000 hours of service with the company. New employees can also roll over previous 401(k) balances at the start of their hire.

Hiring locations: New York; Fresno, California; Edison, New Jersey; San Jose, California and more

8. T-Mobile

Details of 401(k) offered: According to T-Mobile's website, employee's are eligible to invest in the companies 401(k) plan as soon as they are hired. The company matches the first 3 percent of contributions at 100 percent and the next 2 percent of contributions at 50 percent.

Hiring locations: New York; Memphis, Tennessee; Bellevue, Washington; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Miami Beach, Miami; Wichita, Kansas and more

9. Lowes

Details of 401(k) offered: Lowe's explains on its website that employees are eligible to enroll in a 401(k) plan where the company will match the first 3 percent you save each pay period at 100 percent. Savings at 4-5 percent will be matched at 50 percent and savings at 6 percent will be matched at 25 percent.

Hiring locations: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

10. Starbucks

Details of 401(k) offered: Starbucks explains on its website that eligible employees can contribute up to 75 percent of their pay each pay period, or up to the annual IRS dollar limit of $18,500 for the 2018 calendar year. The company also offers 100 percent matching on the first 5 percent of employee contributions.

Disclosure: Comcast is the owner of NBCUniversal, parent company of CNBC and

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