College decisions made luxe: For $57,000, you can travel to campuses on a private jet

Photo courtesy Magellan Jets

For many high school seniors, choosing which college to attend in the fall is a momentous experience. And for many families, that means long hours on the road getting to see as many college campuses as possible.

For those who can afford it, though, there is a jetset version of the last-minute college campus tour blitz.

Magellan Jets offers a "10-hour jet card" specifically for college tours. It starts at $57,000, according to the Magellan Jet website.

The price can go up depending on the aircraft model selected and the number of cities visited, a spokesperson for the company tells CNBC Make It.

"We know that this is a very hectic time of the year for clients with children deciding on which college to attend, and everyone knows that the best way to learn about a college is to visit the campus," says Magellan Jets. "Let us take care of the headaches so you can concentrate on what is important... Your child's future!"

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Magellan Jets, which has been offering the service since 2014, will take clients to any college, a spokesperson tells CNBC Make It.

So far in 2018, Magellan Jets has booked ten college jetset tours. Previously, approximately 20 or so college tours have been booked per year, says the spokesperson.

In addition to the jetset services, Magellan Jets will coordinate logistics of the day to give students the most possible time on college campuses.

The service is available through June, according to the Magellan Jets website.

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