Airbnb has a listing on top of the Great Wall of China — here's how you can win a free trip

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Have you ever dreamed of falling asleep atop one of the Seven Wonders of the World? Wake up, because now it's a possibility.

For its new "Night At" contest, Airbnb is offering up the chance to win a one-night stay in September on the Great Wall of China, located in Yanqing, Beijing, China.

"Four lucky winners and their chosen guests will have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to stay the night in a custom-designed home situated on the ancient Great Wall," Airbnb states.

Airbnb is building accommodations on the wall in which the lucky winners will sleep. The one-night stay also includes a gourmet dinner on the Great Wall, a Chinese calligraphy lesson and a sunrise walk on the Great Wall. Winners will also receive round-trip air travel and accommodations in an Airbnb in Beijing from Sept. 3 through Sept. 9.

Courtesy of Airbnb

"High above the ground, guests will enter their one-of-a-kind modern bedroom created within a centuries-old tower perched along the Wall with 360-degree views offering the perfect vantage point to see the moon and stars," says Airbnb.

On its Aibnb listing, the property type is listed as a campsite, and you certainly will be roughing it a bit; there will be no wi-fi, heating, air-conditioning or TV. The one-night stays will occur sometime between Sept. 4 and Sept. 8.

Understandably, there are rules that come along with this slumber party, including "respect your neighbors, all 1.38 billion of them," "no loud music that might disturb the ancient wall guards," "do not attempt to scale, skip, jump over, crawl under, or run the length of the wall" and "if you see any dragons, do not disturb them, but be sure to report it. On WeChat or Instagram," reads the listing.

Courtesy of Airbnb

The Great Wall of China's most well-known and best-preserved section was constructed in the 14th through 17th centuries, initially representing a barrier and symbol of Chinese strength. Totaling over 13,000 miles in length, the Great Wall is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1987.

"Historically, the Great Wall was built to be a border," says Airbnb. "And today, it opens arms to welcome all."

In the spirit of bringing people together — as opposed to dividing them — to enter the contest, Airbnb requires (along with the submission form), you to answer this thought-provoking question: "Why is it more important now than ever to break down barriers between cultures? How would you want to build new connections? Share your own story why you deserve this magical night."

Courtesy of Airbnb

This is not the first time Airbnb has offered sleepovers in far-flung locations. In the past, winners of its Night At contest have stayed in incredible accommodations including a "shark aquarium," which featured an underwater bedroom with 360-degree transparent walls surrounded by sharks, and a floating house on the River Thames in England.

The deadline to enter Airbnb's contest is Aug. 11. Check out the official rules here.

Update Aug. 9: Airbnb has canceled its "Night At" the Great Wall of China promotion in response to objections from Chinese regulators.

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