These are the top 10 brands millennials know the most — and they are mostly soda, cars and tech

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Coca Cola, Ford and Sony are the world's most powerful logos in terms of public recognition, and they are the brands millennials recognize the most, according to a new study by automated logo designers GraphicSprings.

For its methodology to rank the most powerful and recognized logos, the graphics company did a poll asking 2,400 individuals in Europe, Asia and America (8,000 in each region) to identify the logos of the top 200 most profitable companies worldwide. (To qualify as profitable, the companies listed were based on yearly revenue, taking into account sales, profits and assets in billions.) The graphics company then ranked each logo on their recognizability by the participants, dividing the results generationally (millennial, Xennial, generation X and baby boomers) and regionally (Europe, Asia, America and all three combined).

Here are the results for the top 10 brands recognized across the world by millennials:

1. Coca Cola

2. Ford

3. Sony

4. Apple

5. Walt Disney

6. Toyota

7. BMW

8. Pepsi

9. Volkswagen

10. Honda

Out of 200 brands, the top 10 included five car companies, two soda companies, two tech companies and Walt Disney, a media and entertainment enterprise.

In the survey (and chart embedded below), each rank is expressed as a percentage, meaning that a rank of 100 indicates that 100 percent of respondents correctly identified the logo.

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The top 10 brands millennials in the U.S recognize are ranked by highest to lowest profitability since they all scored 100 percent:

1. Apple

2. Wal-Mart

3. Walt Disney

4. Home Depot

5. ExxonMobil

6. BMW Group

7. Coca-Cola

8. PepsiCo

9. Ford Motor


Three other brands received a 100 percent ranking, including JPMorgan Chase, Anhueser Busch and Sony.

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