These are America's booziest cities (Vegas and New Orleans didn't make the list)

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When it comes to boozing, how does your city stack up? A new report sheds light on the tipsiest towns across the United States.

For its report, Delphi Behavioral Health Group analyzed the average alcohol expenditures in 2017 for metro areas included in the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey, a national study on how families and individuals spend their income.

While cities like Las Vegas, New Orleans and Miami might have reputations for partying hard, the city that spent the most on alcohol in 2017, on average, was San Diego, California. Those in San Diego spent an average of $1,112 on alcohol in 2017. That's a sharp 30 percent increase from its 2016 annual spending of $850.

Seattle, Washington, takes second place, with an average 2017 spend of $986 on alcohol (also a big increase of 32 percent from its 2016 annual spending of $747).

Meanwhile, 2016's booziest city — San Francisco, California — slips to third place, with a decreased spending of $875 in 2017 compared to annual spending in 2016 of $1,131.

Overall, according to Delphi's analysis, these are the top 10 booziest cities in America, based on their average alcohol expenditures in 2017:

1. San Diego, California: $1,112

2. Seattle, Washington: $986

3. San Francisco, California: $875

4. Boston, Massachusetts: $823

5. Anchorage, Alaska: $788

6. Denver, Colorado: $771

7. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota: $754

8. Baltimore, Maryland: $724

9. St. Louis, Missouri: $684

10. Washington, D.C.: $662

"Some metropolitan areas spent relatively modestly on alcohol but saw a surge of booze purchases in 2017," Delphi notes in its report. "These included two major Southern population centers, Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta, where significant gentrification is ongoing, ushering in deep-pocketed residents and high-end establishments to serve them."

Overall, while most cities jumped in annual expenditures on alcohol from 2016 to 2017, a few cities sobered up a bit. Along with San Francisco, those cities include Minneapolis-St.Paul (a decrease in 2017 to $754 from 2016's $852); Washington, D.C. (a decrease in 2017 to $662 compared to $678 in 2016); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (a drop to $492 in 2017 from $563 in 2016); Miami, Florida (a decrease to $487 in 2017 from $507 in 2016); and Phoenix, Arizona (a decrease to $485 in 2017 compared to $599 in 2016).

You can find the analysis in its entirety here.

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