The 25 fastest-growing jobs of 2018

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The ranks of software developers, cyber security workers, engineers and healthcare employees swelled this year, with roles in each of these sectors seeing some of the highest hiring growth of all U.S. jobs in 2018.

That's according to an analysis conducted by PayScale exclusively for CNBC Make It. The compensation research company reviewed its crowdsourced database to see which jobs experienced the biggest surge in popularity this year, identifying gigs that were both sought after by employers and experiencing an uptick in workers claiming the positions as their own.

PayScale found that the tech sector continues to dominate. Of the 25 fastest growing jobs, 12 were computer or mathematics-based occupations, with mobile developers, software developers and graphic designers seeing the biggest hiring increases, as compared to the growth of the average job in the U.S.

Below are the 25 fastest growing jobs this year. Growth scores indicate how many more times a role was hired for this year as compared to the average job in the U.S.

25. Motion graphic designer

Median salary: $57,200
Growth: 1.37

24. Cyber security engineer

Focused male IT technicians working at laptop in dark server room
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Median salary: $92,600
Growth: 1.39

23. Cloud solutions architect

Median salary: $125,000
Growth: 1.41

22. Cyber security analyst

Median salary: $75,100
Growth: 1.44

21. Digital marketing coordinator

Median salary: $44,600
Growth: 1.44

20. Wound, ostomy, and continence nurse

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Median salary: $76,700
Growth: 1.45

19. Senior product designer

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Median salary: $121,000
Growth: 1.48

18. Salesforce consultant

Median salary: $85,300
Growth: 1.49

17. Content director

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Median salary: $87,000
Growth: 1.52

16. Global mobility specialist

Median salary: $69,600
Growth: 1.56

15. Data science manager

Median salary: $147,000
Wage growth: 1.58

14. Project management office manager

Serbia, Belgrade
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Median salary: $123,000
Growth: 1.6

13. Site reliability engineer

Median salary: $124,000
Growth: 1.66

12. Senior data engineer

Median salary: $132,000
Growth: 1.68

11. Commercial truck driver

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Median salary: $48,100
Growth: 1.69

10. Population health manager

Median salary: $75,700
Growth: 1.69

9. Machine learning engineer

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Median salary: $118,000
Growth: 1.7

8. Business intelligence engineer

Median salary: $94,300
Growth: 1.72

7. Computer vision engineer

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Median salary: $113,000
Growth: 1.98

6. Employee engagement manager

Median salary: $70,000
Growth: 2.07

5. Senior mobile developer

Median salary: $110,000
Growth: 2.09

4. Manager, customer success team

Female customer representative working in office
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Median salary: $93,000
Growth: 2.28

3. Lead graphic designer

Young designer drawing on digital tablet
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Median salary: $47,900
Growth: 2.52

2. Director of community engagement

Median salary: $61,500
Growth: 3.16

1. Full stack software developer

blue glow adult man, computer coder
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blue glow adult man, computer coder

Median salary: $77,900
Growth: 6.15

PayScale also turned its eye to the future, studying information on the fastest growing jobs and skills that have seen the largest pay increase in recent months to determine the fields it think will top the list in 2019.

Once again, tech looks to be the key field with roles handling big data, cyber security, cloud computing and artificial intelligence expected to grow the most. The other industry expected to reach a new high next year? Cannabis, with the biggest demand being for budtenders.

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