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Cauliflower pizza was the No. 1 Grubhub order in America in 2019–here's what won in every state

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Food-delivery service Grubhub, owner of Seamless and other food related brands, released its Year in Food report, revealing the top orders placed on the company's platform across the country in 2019.

The majority of top foods ordered this year were vegetarian or vegan, Grubhub says (seven of the top 10 compared to three in 2018).

Cauliflower pizza took the top spot overall, being the No. 1 order of the year and climbing up from seventh place in 2018.

Spicy Brussels sprouts followed cauliflower pizza on the top 10 list, then portobello mushroom empanadas, black bean and sweat potato tacos and miso pork ramen.

Each state across the country had its own preference, too.

Source: Grubhub

In New York, the most ordered dish this year was a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich — which was also the most ordered breakfast on the platform, according to Grubhub. Chicken macaroni and cheese was the top Grubhub order in Florida, and in California, vegetable chow fun was the favorite.

See the top order for 2019 in each state, according to Grubhub:

Alabama: pork ribs

Alaska: chicken fried rice

Arizona: orange chicken

Arkansas: pulled pork sandwich

California: vegetable chow fun

Colorado: lamb shank

Connecticut: eggplant sandwich

Delaware: buffalo chicken dip

Florida: chicken macaroni and cheese

Georgia: gumbo

Hawaii: lemon chicken

Idaho: chili

Illinois: chicken meatballs

Indiana: fried pickles

Iowa: Chicago-style hot dog

Kansas: country-fried steak

Kentucky: fried green tomatoes

Louisiana: fried Brussels sprouts

Maine: tom yum soup

Maryland: Old Bay fries

Massachusetts: clam chowder

Michigan: wet burrito

Minnesota: beef ramen

Mississippi: baby back ribs

Missouri: French dip sandwich

Montana: butter chicken

Nebraska: cashew chicken

Nevada: spicy chicken sandwich

New Hampshire: chicken samosa

New Jersey: meatball Parmesan sandwich

New Mexico: barbecued brisket taco

New York: bacon, egg and cheese sandwich

North Carolina: shrimp and grits

North Dakota: gyro

Ohio: chicken chili

Oklahoma: twice-cooked pork

Oregon: fried tofu

Pennsylvania: lobster lo mein

Rhode Island: fried ravioli

South Carolina: fried mushrooms

South Dakota: cheesesteak

Tennessee: stuffed jalapeno

Texas: brisket taco

Utah: lamb samosa

Vermont: barbecue chicken pizza

Virginia: chicken corn chowder

Washington: salmon sashimi

West Virginia: chicken and waffles

Wisconsin: corned beef sandwich

Wyoming: mozzarella sticks

Despite its market value being cut in half this year, Grubhub captured about 30% of the multi-billion dollar meal delivery market, according to consumer analytics firm Second Measure. Competitors like DoorDash and Uber Eats hold 35% and 20% of the market, respectively.

Grubhub's findings were based on orders from over 21 million users on its platform. The delivery service analyzed order trends from January to November 2019 and compared results to the same time in 2018, according to the company.

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