These are the UK's best paid jobs in 2020, says Indeed

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Chief financial officers (CFO) perform the U.K.'s best paid job on average, according to global jobs site Indeed.

CFOs are responsible for managing a company's financial planning and reporting. In Britain they take home an average salary of £112,666 ($147,846), when calculating from ads placed on Indeed's website.

Indeed analyzed more than 3,200 full-time job advertisements posted on its website, to calculate which roles had the highest average annual pay.

This was the first time the job site conducted the research, which excluded CEOs as few vacancies were advertised on public sites and tended to be recruited through headhunting agencies.

Other senior financial roles also made it into Indeed's top 20 ranking, albeit much further down on the list, with vice presidents of finance commanding a salary of £86,517 and tax directors earning £85,742 annually.

Vice president of sales came in second place on the list, with an average salary of £109,278, followed by the vice president of engineering, taking home £108,623 a year.

Medical specialist roles rounded out the top five earners. Orthodontists, which fix the appearance of teeth usually with braces, earn £99,010 and dermatologists, or skincare specialists, get paid £93,282 a year on average.

It can take a decade to train as an orthodontist in the U.K., requiring five years of studying dentistry, workplace training and then a further three years' study to become fully qualified.

The UK's best paid jobs in 2020 

  1. Chief financial officer - £112,666
  2. Vice president of sales - £109,278
  3. Vice president of engineering - £108,623
  4. Orthodontist - £99,010
  5. Dermatologist - £93,282
  6. Director of product management - £92,692
  7. Neonatologist - £92,003
  8. Rheumatologist - £91,724
  9. Ophthalmologist - £91,704
  10. Director of catering - £91,578
  11. Nephrologist - £91,521
  12. Plastic surgeon - £90,922
  13. Senior director - £90,059
  14. Paediatrician - £89,723
  15. Anesthesiologist - £89,501
  16. Managing director - £88,101
  17. Unit director - £86,727
  18. Vice president of finance - £86,517
  19. Tax director - £85,742
  20. Director of construction - £85,148

Neonatologists, who take care of newborn babies, rheumatologists, who treat diseases in the joints and ophthalmologists, who deal with eye disorders, were also among the medical specialisms dominating the top 10.

In fact, medical specialists accounted for nearly half of the top 20 best-paid roles.

Bill Richards, U.K. managing director for Indeed, said such high salaries in the medical profession suggested that the supply of qualified candidates wasn't keeping up with demand, leading employers to pay more in order to "win the battle for talent."

"With many specialist healthcare employees working long hours under intense pressure, and potentially making life-or-death decisions in the process, such high salaries may be seen as a just reward for their hard work and expertise," he added.

More generally, he said the rankings reflected how gaining advanced skills and experience continued to be a powerful way of boosting earning potential.