This $25 million villa has a master bedroom the size of a whole house and 15 bathrooms—take a look


This massive 17,300-square-foot, waterfront villa on the market for $25 million is one of the largest homes in all of Los Angeles' Bel Air neighborhood. 

The mega-residence overlooks the Stone Canyon Reservoir in the Santa Monica Mountains, has secret subterranean entertainment rooms and an enormous master suite. 

Take a look.

Aaron Kirman Partners

The home has nine bedrooms and 15 bathrooms, including a very spacious master suite with breathtaking water views.

Waterfront views
Aaron Kirman Partners

"[The master] is as big as most people's actual houses are," says Luxury broker Aaron Kirman who has the listing.

"I would say the entire square footage of this entire master is probably around 2,000 square feet. My house is only 3,000, to put that in perspective."

Master bedroom
Aaron Kirman Partners

Because the home is perched atop a mountain, some of the estate's coolest features are hidden below ground.

There's an underground pool with a skylight ceiling. "It gives you the best of both worlds because it's really light in here, yet you have this incredible indoor pool," says Kirman.

Aaron Kirman Partners

Nearby, there's a wine room that can hold up to 1,000 bottles.

"Once you type in the secret code, you end up in this incredible cellar. I wish you could smell that smell of wine, leather and cigars."

Wine cellar
Aaron Kirman Partners

And there's also a subterranean game room...

Game room
Aaron Kirman Partners

...and movie theater.

Movie theater
Aaron Kirman Partners

"There is nothing better than having a theater in your own house," says Kirman.

Back upstairs, the living room features white beam ceilings and a floor-to-ceiling wall of glass that slides back to become an indoor-outdoor space.

Living room
Aaron Kirman Partners

Stunning views continue in the kitchen, where a giant marble island is the main feature.

Kitchen after
Aaron Kirman Partners

The backyard also has a pool, which overlooks the mountains.

This nine-bedroom, 15-bathroom waterfront villa is on the market for $25 million.
Aaron Kirman Partners

When Kirman first took on the multi-million dollar listing, he says the home was "hideous" — not the chic waterfront property you see today. "When we listed this house, the outside was awful. It was a hideous color... like a mauve." 

Kirman, who says he has sold more than $6 billion in real estate over the course of his career, tells CNBC he advised his clients to make some major changes, a face lift that cost pproximately $1.5 million, says Kirman.

"We really made the house light, bright, and it feels like a very transitional style now," he says. "It really appeals to a wide audience."

But that wasn't all: Kirman also told his client the mega-home needed a significant price cut.

"The original listing agent started it at $32.5 million. Three years later, I took the listing, and it's now $25 million."

Kirman, who hosts a new show on CNBC that features multi-million dollar properties, called "Listing Impossible," says the secret to his success is getting real with his clients.

"I tear into [them] and tell them the brutal truth of what they have to do to get their house sold. And sometimes it hurts."

If the Bel Air residence sells for its current $25 million asking price, Kirman says his potential commission is $1.25 million.

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