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Twitter, Reddit and 8 other companies offering permanent remote or hybrid work—and hiring right now

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Working from home continues to be the popular choice among employees, even as companies are trying to woo people back to the office. 

Recent research from Microsoft, which surveyed 31,102 workers around the world between January and February, found that 52% of people are thinking of switching to a full-time remote or hybrid job this year, just as more businesses announce return-to-office requirements. 

To help people find the best remote and hybrid opportunities, FlexJobs identified 25 companies that switched to a permanent flexible work model. 

These companies have adopted either remote-first or trust-based approaches that see employees working from home full-time or choosing when, and how, they join their team in the office. 

Sales, marketing and project management are among the top industries hiring for hybrid jobs in 2022. Here are 10 companies that switched to a permanent flexible work model and are hiring now, according to FlexJobs (see the full list here): 

1. 3M 

Industry: Manufacturing 

Remote work plans: In October 3M announced a trust-based approach called "Work Your Way" that allows employees to choose whether remote work, being in the office or a mix of the two works best for them. 

Recent remote job openings: Software engineer, Technical writer 

2. Atlassian

Industry: Technology, software 

Remote work plans: The software maker said last year that employees are free to "work from home forever," but is keeping its offices open in San Francisco, Amsterdam, India, Japan, the Philippines and Turkey for employees to visit at their discretion. 

Recent remote job openings: Data scientist, Product marketing manager 

3. Coinbase

Industry: Cryptocurrency 

Remote work plans: Coinbase switched to a "remote-first" structure in May 2020 where 95% of employees can choose to work from home, an office or on a hybrid schedule, excluding roles that require in-person functions or meetings. 

Recent remote job openings: Marketing insights researcher, Technical partner manager - NFTs

4. Lyft

Industry: Transportation 

Remote work plans: Lyft has adopted a "fully flexible" workspace allowing "almost all" employees the choice of where to live and work, according to a company blog post from last month. Some jobs, such as service mechanics, however, still require in-person work. 

Recent remote job openings: Claims advocate, Customer service specialist, safety and compliance

5. SAP 

Industry: Technology, software 

Remote work plans: SAP's "Pledge to Flex" model, which the company launched in June, lets employees choose between working remotely, in the office or a combination of both. 

Recent remote job openings: Midmarket sales executive, Senior third party risk manager 

6. Reddit 

Industry: Social media 

Remote work plans: Reddit switched to a permanent hybrid model in October 2020 where employees have the flexibility to work wherever they want, with options for in-office work. 

Recent remote job openings: Privacy engineer; Program manager, moderator events 

7. Spotify 

Industry: Music, streaming

Remote work plans: Spotify's "Work From Anywhere" program, which launched in February 2021, offers remote, in-person and hybrid options for employees as well as more flexible living choices if an employee wants to move. For example: Spotify has offered to pay for a co-working membership if someone re-locates to a neighborhood that isn't near a Spotify office and misses in-person work. 

Recent remote job openings: Senior UX writer, Enterprise platform success partner 

8. Twitter 

Industry: Social media 

Remote work plans: Twitter re-opened its offices in March but is continuing to let employees decide where and how they work, including being remote full-time, CEO Paraj Agrawal said last month

Recent remote job openings: Staff quantitative user research, Staff network security engineer 

9. Vista 

Industry: Marketing, design 

Remote work plans: In August 2020 Vista moved to permanent remote working, converting office locations into "collaboration centers" where employees can book desks and meet to work in person with others when needed.

Recent remote job openings: Project manager, Director of diversity, equity and inclusion

10. HubSpot

Industry: Technology

Remote work plans: HubSpot employees have three flexible work options: @office, which means coming into the office 3 days or more per week; @flex, which means coming into the office 2 days or fewer each week; or @home, which means working remotely, according to a January company announcement. Workers can change their choice once per year. 

Recent remote job openings: Art director, App partner manager

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