The NFL Draft's No. 2 pick wore a jacket sewed by his mom — featuring mantras and 'manifestations' that helped him succeed

Aidan Hutchinson poses onstage after being selected second by the Detroit Lions during round one of the 2022 NFL Draft on April 28, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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You've probably heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve. Wearing your dreams in your jacket might be a new one.

That's what Aidan Hutchinson did at Thursday's opening night of the 2022 NFL Draft, where the 21-year-old former University of Michigan college football player was selected No. 2 overall by his hometown Detroit Lions. At the event, Hutchinson wore a suit jacket with a very personal custom lining.

"My mom made this," Hutchinson told NFL Network reporters before the draft kicked off on Thursday. "On the inside of my jacket, it's all of the manifestations I have put in my journals for the past five years."

Indeed, the jacket's lining — sewn in by Hutchinson's mother, Melissa — featured dozens of quotes from the highly-touted NFL prospect's journals. They included mantras like "breathe in God" and "I am unstoppable," and a series of dreams and ambitions ranging from playing college football at the University of Michigan — where his father, Chris, starred in the 1990s — to running a 40-yard-dash in 4.7 seconds.

"'I will be a first-team All-American, I will be a Heisman finalist,'" Hutchinson said on Thursday, reading aloud some of the quotes from his jacket. "[That's] something I wrote my freshman year, and frankly, it came true."

Those dreams came true: Last year, Hutchinson was named to the AP All-American first team while becoming a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, finishing second to Alabama quarterback Bryce Young. "Just a lot of things [where] I really had called my shots," Hutchinson said.

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Last week, Melissa Hutchinson told ESPN that she's encouraged her son to write down his ambitions in personal journals since he was just 4 years old, she recently told ESPN. She may have been onto something: Many psychologists recommend the practice of journaling, advising that repeatedly writing down short-term goals, long-term goals and positive affirmations can help improve your mood and focus.

Celebrities like actor John Cena – and even other NFL players like Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson – are known to rely on daily affirmations and writing down their goals.

It's certainly worked for Aidan Hutchinson so far, though his 6-foot-6-inch, 265-pound frame and inherent athleticism obviously also helps. The former college star, expected to be one of the NFL's top rookie players, is expected to soon sign a contract worth tens of millions of dollars.

Last year's No. 2 selection, New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, landed a rookie contract worth $35.1 million over four years, including a $22.9 million signing bonus. Hutchinson is expected to sign a similar deal, projected to be worth around $35.7 million for four years, according to Spotrac.

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