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10 in-demand work-from-anywhere jobs companies are hiring for now—many pay over $100K

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While the concept of working wherever you want might sound too good to be true, with the right remote job, that dream can become a reality.

In a work-from-anywhere job, employees work "100% remotely, are independent of location and, in many cases, are also independent of a specific time zone," says Toni Frana, a lead career expert at FlexJobs.

Such jobs, however, are rare to find and increasingly competitive to land, only accounting for about 5% of all remote roles, FlexJobs reports. Most remote jobs have geographic requirements, whether it's a specific country, state or city, mainly due to state and federal regulations that dictate where companies can hire people and do business.

If you're looking for a remote job that will let you travel and work in different countries, consider a career in marketing, software development or graphic design — these fields, along with technology and writing, offer the most work-from-anywhere job opportunities, according to new research from FlexJobs. 

FlexJobs also identified the 10 most in-demand work-from-anywhere jobs companies are hiring for right now by analyzing its database for the roles that had the highest volume of work-from-anywhere listings between January and April 2023.

All of the jobs on the list offer full-time or part-time remote opportunities, don't have a location restriction and require no time in the office. Here are the 10 most in-demand work-from-anywhere jobs companies are hiring for (see the full list here):

  1. Chinese translator
  2. Copywriter
  3. Creative director
  4. Customer success manager
  5. Product designer
  6. Product manager
  7. Social media manager 
  8. Software engineer
  9. Technical writer
  10. UX designer

Many work-from-anywhere jobs offer salaries well over $100,000: A job ad for a lead UX designer at the Wikimedia Foundation, for example, lists a salary range of $119,000-$186,000, while an ad for a finance and strategy director at Cash App comes with a minimum salary of $222,800-$272,300. 

There are non-managerial remote jobs that allow employees to work wherever they want and offer six-figure salaries, too: A gameplay programmer at Counterplay Games stands to make between $110,000 and $140,000, while a community marketing and communications strategist at Status Research & Development stands to make between $70,000 and $100,000, according to job ads for these roles.

The Wikimedia Foundation and Cash App are among the top companies hiring for the most work-from-anywhere jobs right now, FlexJobs found — these two employers, along with ClipBoard Health, have had historically high numbers of work-from-anywhere listings and are considered "steady prospects" for flexible, remote careers.

If you're hoping to land a remote job without location restrictions, be sure to highlight previous remote work experience and expertise with online collaboration tools like Zoom, Slack or the Google Suite on your resume, says Frana. These two skills, along with time management and communication, are some of the most important qualifications companies are looking for in work-from-anywhere job candidates. 

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