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From Kroger to Walmart, these are the top 10 most popular grocery chains in America

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As inflation continues to take its toll on American consumers, cooking at home is an increasingly budget-friendly alternative to eating out.

Indeed, restaurant prices have risen faster than grocery prices over the last year, according to data from the Department of Labor.

But which supermarket brands stand to benefit the most from budget-conscious consumers allocating more of their food spending to grocery shopping rather than restaurant visits?

Location analytics tracking firm analyzed the foot traffic at top American grocers to determine the 10 most popular chains in the country.

To rank the grocers, measured the "visit share" each retailer received in April. "Visit share" is the percentage of total visits that a retailer received during a given time frame compared to the other retailers also being analyzed.

The top 10 grocers captured 47.7% of overall supermarket foot traffic over the past month.

Kroger, with its more than 1200 locations in 16 states, was the top visited supermarket chain in the country, capturing 9.1% of the visit share in April.

These are the 10 most popular supermarket chains in the country.

1. Kroger

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Visit share: 9.1%

Locations: 1,236

2. Publix

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Visit share: 8.1%

Locations: 1,341

3. Safeway

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Visit share: 5.0%

Locations: 513

4. Aldi

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Visit share: 4.4%

Locations: 2,304

5. H-E-B

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Visit share: 4.1%

Locations: 325

6. Walmart Neighborhood Market

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Visit share: 4.0%

Locations: 682

7. Meijer

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Visit share: 3.7%

Locations: 254

8. Food Lion Grocery Store

Food Lion

Visit share: 3.6%

Locations: 1,114

9. Trader Joe's

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Visit share: 3.1%

Locations: 561

10. Whole Foods Market