Access: Middle East: Episodes

  • Saudi Arabian riyals

    Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir touted his country's economic prospects on Saturday, saying reform was key to growth and stability.

  • Saudi emergency personnel and Hajj pilgrims carry a wounded person at the site of a stampede in Mina, near the holy city of Mecca, at the annual hajj in Saudi Arabia on September 24, 2015.

    At least 717 pilgrims have died and 805 been injured in the stampede in Mina on the outskirts of Mecca, marking the worst Hajj disaster in 25 years.

  • Container ship in Suez Canal, Egypt.

    For this edition of "Access: Middle East," CNBC's Hadley Gamble takes you on a journey along the Suez Canal, in Egypt.

  • Suez Canal: How it impacts Egypt's economy

    The commencement of navigation in the Suez Canal and its achievement in this record time goes beyond political goals.

  • Maersk's relationship with the Suez Canal

    CNBC takes a journey along the Suez Canal on a Maersk ship.

  • Travelling along the Suez Canal

    Taking a journey along the Suez Canal, engineers on the Maersk ship tell CNBC what goes on during the trip.

  • Suez Canal: Take an exclusive look

    Suez Canal: Egypt's "gift to the world." CNBC takes a look.

  • The grand opening of the Suez Canal

    CNBC reports on the day the Suez Canal extension officially opened.

  • An exclusive boat tour on the Suez Canal

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble takes you on a journey along the Suez Canal.

  • Before the Suez Canal was even created

    CNBC's Hadley Gamble discusses the history of canals that joined the Mediterranean and Red Sea region.

  • Abu Dhabi skyline, UAE

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has drawn up plans to introduce a new sales tax and corporation tax amid low global oil prices.

  • For this edition of “Access: Middle East,” CNBC’s Hadley Gamble visits Art Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

  • Art Dubai: Taking art to the next level

    At Art Dubai, over 90 galleries pitched their wares and 30 came from the MENA region. CNBC caught up with a few of the galleries to find out how important the event is in their annual calendar.

  • Scouring for gems at RCA Secret Dubai

    The RCA Secret exhibition and sale started in 1994 as a way of raising money to fund bursaries for students. This year's event saw 1300 postcards up for grabs at 500 dirhams.

  • Art Dubai: World's most global art fair?

    To start our journey through Art Dubai, CNBC caught up with the fair's director, Antonia Carver.

  • The artwork of Idris Khan

    CNBC talks to Fabian Lang about the artwork on display at Art Dubai.

  • Art Dubai: Potential to make money

    Art Dubai's new-found prominence not only gives a boost to galleries and artists but has also become a fixture on the city's social calendar.

  • Bonhams: Why to buy Middle Eastern art

    Nima Sagharchi, modern and contemporary Middle Eastern art specialist at Bonhams auction house, says the region's art market has seen huge developments over the past decade.

  • Dubai to be a model for smart cities?

    CNBC catches up with Hani al Hamli, secretary general of the Dubai Economic Council at the Smart Living City Dubai conference to discuss the city's ambition to become a role model for smart cities.

  • How to make a city smart

    Peter Hirshberg, chairman at Re:Imagine Group, comments on what makes a city smart and says Dubai's strong government is able to implement and try new technologies quickly.