These are the best companies to work for in Germany, according to LinkedIn

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Major technology companies, influential consultancy firms and fashionable retail brands are some of the most desirable places to work in Germany, according to the latest analysis from LinkedIn.

The professional networking site has assessed the actions of its millions of German members to reach a definitive list of the Top 25 Companies to work for in Germany this year. This includes those employers that receive the greatest level of engagement and job vacancy responses, as well as those that have the highest retention rates.

CNBC takes a look at the Top 10 in 2017 - and the best of the rest across Germany and Europe.

1. Zalando

The Zalando logo is seen on a building in the district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg in Berlin, Germany
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E-commerce company Zalando has ranked as the best place to work in Germany in 2017.

Founded in Germany in 2008, the online fashion retailer initially faced criticism for its decision to operate and manage its logistics centers in-house. However, the brand has since succeeded in its rapid expansion and its 10,000 strong workforce serves a Europe-wide customer base.

The business remains headquartered in Berlin.

2. McKinsey

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Global management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company has been running for almost a century and remains one of the most attractive places to work for Germany employees.

"The good feedback from LinkedIn users is a great confirmation of our recruiting activities. It is important for us to inspire interesting and qualified people to join McKinsey, "says Nadja Peters, Director of Recruiting at McKinsey in Germany and Austria.

3. Rocket Internet

Oliver Samwer, chief executive officer of Rocket Internet SE
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Germany's Rocket Internet is known for building online startups, including Zalando, and owning shareholdings in various online retail businesses.

Headquartered in Berlin, the business operates globally and its responsible for other brands including HelloFresh, Delivery Hero and Foodpanda.

4. Google

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Famed for its sleek offices and employee benefits, multinational technology company Google, owned by Alphabet, is often considered a desirable workplace, and this year has proved no different.

Google has three offices in Germany, in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.

5. Amazon

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Amazon was another e-commerce business to make it into the top listings, thanks to its innovative business approach and wide-reaching job opportunities.

The business has offices in a number of German cities, including Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Dusseldorf.


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KPMG was one of three Big Four accountancy firms to make it into Germany's Top 25 ranking.

Globally, the business employs approximately 200,000 people.

7. Adidas

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German sportswear manufacturer adidas has maintained its competitiveness in the workplace for almost 100 years.

Headquartered in Herzogenaurach in Bavaria, Germany, the business also has a number of other business locations across the globe.

8. Merck

The Merck KGaA logo sits outside the company's headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany.
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German multinational company Merck Group is the world's oldest chemical and pharmaceutical business, having been founded in 1668.

Today it is headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, and employs around 50,000 people across 70 countries.

9. SAP

SAP AG logo.
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SAP is a German software company that develops enterprise software for business operations and customer relations.

In 2013, SAP launched an initiative to hire employees with autism and Asperger syndrome, saying that their contribution to the workforce is widely undervalued. By 2020, it plans to employee 1 percent of its workforce with autism.

10. Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group
Source: Boston Consulting Group

Management consultancy firm Boston Consulting Group has 85 offices in 48 countries and is considered Germany's tenth most desirable workplace this year.

Regularly listed among the best companies to work for by various listings, the firm is especially noted for its work in promoting equality in the workplace and supporting working parents.

The best of the rest - Germany

The BMW logo
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11. BMW

12. Volkswagen

13. Siemens

14. Deloitte

15. Bosch

16. ProSieben Sat1

17. Salesforce

18. Bayer

19. Here Technologies

20. Hugo Boss

21. PwC Deutscheland

22. Lufthansa

23. Allianz

24. Telekom

25. Eon

The best of the rest - Europe

The people walking away from the entrance to a John Lewis store
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1. John Lewis Partnership


3. Arcadia Group Ltd.

4. Harrods

5. Liberty Global

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2. Chanel

3. Richemont

4. Bouygues

5. Hermes

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