The 20 worst states for finding a job

The best and worst states for getting a job

In some states, the conditions are prime for job hunters: A strong job market, growing industries and a high median annual income. In other places, not so much.

Personal finance site WalletHub ranked all 50 U.S. states to determine the most attractive states for employment. The ranking took two major factors into consideration: the job market (60 percent) and the economic environment (40 percent).

The job market ranking takes into account factors such as the number of job openings, employment growth rate and employment outlook in an area, while the economic environment ranking includes factors such median annual income and average commute time. You can read the full methodology here.

If you're on the hunt for a new position, but don't want to find yourself striking out, here are 20 states you might want to avoid.

20. Idaho

Job market rank: 28
Economic environment rank: 36

Boise, Idaho
Anna Gorin | Getty Images

19. New York

Job market rank: 31
Economic environment rank: 34

New York, New York
Dave Kotinsky | Getty Images

18. South Carolina

Job market rank: 38
Economic environment rank: 27

Vacation apartments on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
Aimintang | Getty Images

17. Ohio

Job market rank: 30
Economic environment rank: 37

Columbus, Ohio
Getty Images

16. Montana

Job market rank: 42
Economic environment rank: 23

John Elk | Getty Images

15. Missouri

Job market rank: 22
Economic environment rank: 39

Branson Missouri's downtown with waterfront.

14. Georgia

Job market rank: 17
Economic environment rank: 44

Atlanta reflected in the lake of Piedmont Park.
Giorgio Fochesato | Getty Images

13. Hawaii

Job market rank: 7
Economic environment rank: 49

A beach along the Kona Kohala Coast, Hawaii.
George Rose | Getty Images

12. Arkansas

Job market rank: 24
Economic environment rank: 43

Little Rock, Arkansas
Walter Bibikow | Getty Images

11. Pennsylvania

Job market rank: 26
Economic environment rank: 47

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Franz Marc Frei | Getty Images

10. Wyoming

Job market rank: 49
Economic environment rank: 2

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
WitGorski | Getty Images

9. North Carolina

Job market rank: 36
Economic environment rank: 46

Raleigh, North Carolina
Sean Pavone | Getty Images

8. New Mexico

Job market rank: 45
Economic environment rank: 17

Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Bob Thomason | Getty Images

7. Alaska

Job market rank: 48
Economic environment rank: 11

Nagleys Store in Talkeetna.
John Greim | Getty Images

6. Oklahoma

Job market rank: 46
Economic environment rank: 26

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Davel5957 | Getty Images

5. Mississippi

Job market rank: 43
Economic environment rank: 40

Madison is part of the Jackson metro area in Mississippi
Dosfotos | Design Pics | Getty Images

4. Alabama

Job market rank: 44
Economic environment rank: 41

Birmingham, Alabama.
Sean Pavorie | Getty Images

3. Kentucky

Job market rank: 40
Economic environment rank: 50

Louisville, Kentucky
Raymond Boyd | Getty Images

2. Louisiana

Job market rank: 50
Economic environment rank: 28

Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Sean Pavone | Getty Images

1. West Virginia

Job market rank: 47
Economic environment rank: 48

Charleston, West Virginia
Henryk Sadura | Getty Images
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