Marcus Lemonis to grads: 'Summer break is over. Get a job'

Marcus Lemonis' advice for the class of 2017: 'Don't move home'

For recent college grads who've spent years on a prescribed track studying a specific subject, it's easy to feel pressured to find "the perfect job " in the corresponding industry.

But according to self-made millionaire Marcus Lemonis, that's a big mistake.

Lemonis, serial entrepreneur and star of CNBC's "The Profit," says that the temptation to find an amazing job can keep young professionals from gaining experience, developing key lifestyle habits and making connections.

"Take any job you can — just to get into the momentum of having a calendar," Lemonis says, "a schedule of getting up on Monday morning and finishing on Friday night."

Marcus Lemonis
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

"Your first fall back should not be to work for your family business," Lemonis says. "Go work for somebody else, somebody that could and will fire you."

In other words, start learning how to act on the job, get a promotion and what to do if you make a mistake at work — immediately.

Of course, you'll want to find a job that you're interested in, but don't limit yourself to only one type of role. Talk with people in different fields and following leads for jobs from which you think you could learn valuable professional skills.

Summer break is over. Get a job.
Marcus Lemonis
serial entrepreneur and CEO of Camping World 

According to the millionaire, getting started in the professional world soon after college shows that you're taking your career into your own hands.

"I know you're historically used to summer break," he says. "But summer break is over. Get a job."

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