Here’s how much every inch of Apple’s new $5 billion campus cost to build

Apple Park
Courtesy of Apple

Last month, Apple unveiled its highly anticipated — and highly expensive — new campus, Apple Park. The campus was designed by architecture firm Foster + Partners, covers 2.8 million square feet and accommodates 12,000 employees. It reportedly cost $5 billion to build — that's about $1,785 per square foot and $12.40 per square inch.

Contractor review site BuildZoom collected the government building permits for Apple Park in order to calculate exactly how much the most notable structures cost. Check out the price tags for some of the biggest buildings in Apple Park:

Courtesy of the City of Cupertino

Main building

Description: The spaceship-shaped building is one mile in circumference, can hold 12,000 employees, provides 8,255 parking spaces and includes over 3,000 custom-made curved glass panes.

Price tag: $427,570,867

Courtesy of the City of Cupertino

The Steve Jobs Theater

Description: The 159,382-square-foot theater seats 1,000 people and the lobby alone cost approximately $12 million to construct. Norman Foster, Executive Chairman at Foster + Partners once said, "[Steve] wanted just the lobby to be visible and for it to be discovered like a 'jewel' in the park."

Price tag: $179,437,885

Courtesy of the City of Cupertino

Visitor center

Description: The visitor center includes an additional 2 million square feet of parking, which cost roughly $26 million to construct. The facility also includes a guest reception area, a display area and a cafe.

Price tag: $109,670,640

Courtesy of the City of Cupertino

Office building

Description: This structure houses four floors of office space, a 15,000-square-foot cafeteria and espresso bar. It also has a mechanical rooftop.

Price tag: $115,370,380

Courtesy of the City of Cupertino

Fitness center

Description: The 100,000 square-foot fitness center includes a two-story yoga studio, laundry facilities and physical therapy space.

Price tag: $16,731,000

While the buildings may have been expensive to construct, Apple is optimistic that its sustainable design choices will help the company save resources on energy. Building rooftops will generate 17 megawatts of solar energy, and the main building is the world's largest naturally
ventilated building.

"Steve's vision for Apple stretched far beyond his time with us. He intended Apple Park to be the home of innovation for generations to come," said Tim Cook, Apple's CEO. "The workspaces and parklands are designed to inspire our team as well as benefit the environment. We've achieved one of the most energy-efficient buildings in the world and the campus will run entirely on renewable energy."

Correction: This story was revised to correct the costs per square foot and square inch.

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