The surprising job Jeff Bezos says he'd want if he hadn't founded Amazon

Jeff Bezos, chief executive officer of and founder of Blue Origin LLC, speaks at the unveiling of the Blue Origin New Shepard system during the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 5, 2017.
Matthew Staver | Bloomberg | Getty Images

It's hard to imagine Jeff Bezos being anything other than the self-made billionaire he is today.

But in an interview with his brother Mark at Summit Series in Los Angeles, the Amazon founder admits to having always fantasized about holding one other job in particular.

When asked what he'd be if he wasn't "Jeff Bezos," TechCrunch reports the entrepreneur saying he'd be a software engineer — the job he held on Wall Street before launching Amazon. He then went on to explain that there's a surprising job, outside of tech, that's always fascinated him.

"I have this fantasy of being a bartender," he said. "I pride myself on my craft cocktails."

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He does note that he might not be known for speedy delivery were he to switch careers. Bezos says he would warn his customers of his slow pace with a sign saying, "Do you want it good or do you want it fast?"

Bezos isn't the only successful entrepreneur who has fantasized about what life might be like with a different job. Billionaire investor Warren Buffet once told Bill Gates that he wanted to be a mattress tester.

"I thought that would be a terrific job," he told Gates during a visit to Berkshire-owned "mega-store" Nebraska Furniture Mart. "I never got that, but they did name a mattress after me: 'the Warren.'"

Last month on the "No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis" podcast, Rent The Runway CEO Jennifer Hyman also admitted to dreaming about a job that's a far cry from the current one she holds.

"I actually wanted to be a wedding singer," said Hyman, who recently performed at her own wedding. "I really did. I wanted to be backup for a Motown band, or a wedding singer or potentially a Knicks City Dancer. All things that I actually still aspire to do."

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