10 cities with booming employment growth in 2017

These are the 10 best cities for finding a job in 2018

Finally some good news for job seekers — unemployment is low. Most recent figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that unemployment is just 4.1 percent.

While job creation has actually slowed by 6 percent in 2017, some cities are still experiencing tremendous employment growth.

WalletHub compared over 180 U.S. cities across 26 key indicators in order to calculate which were the best places for job seekers. In their research, they found that 10 cities had the highest employment growth. They defined employment growth as the rate of annual job growth adjusted by the working-age population growth.

Check out the 10 places with the most job growth in the country:

Arizona skyline
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10. West Valley City, UT

Total score: 56.76
Job market ranking: 64
Socioeconomic ranking: 35

9. Spokane, WA

Total score: 49.73
Job market ranking: 124
Socioeconomic ranking: 87

8.  Portland, OR

Total score: 57.55
Job market ranking: 59
Socioeconomic ranking: 26

7. Detroit, MI

Total score: 38.85
Job market ranking: 176
Socioeconomic ranking: 181

6. Salem, OR

Total score: 56.64
Job market ranking: 39
Socioeconomic ranking: 86

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5. Garland, TX

Total score: 57.03
Job market ranking: 16
Socioeconomic ranking: 147

4. Fargo, ND

Total score: 62.10
Job market ranking: 14
Socioeconomic ranking: 18

3. Gilbert, AZ

Total score: 65.35
Job market ranking: 4
Socioeconomic ranking: 34

1. Chandler, AZ (tie)

Total score: 67.66
Job market ranking: 3
Socioeconomic ranking: 9

1. Peoria, AZ (tie)

Total score: 65.86
Job market ranking: 1
Socioeconomic ranking: 56

Representatives speak with a job seeker during the West Valley Healthcare Career Expo in Peoria, Arizona.
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Chandler, Arizona and Peoria, Arizona tied for the top spot on WalletHub's list. Both cities boast strong job markets but Chandler stands out due to its favorable socioeconomic conditions. Just southeast of Phoenix, Chandler has a population of about 247,477. The city's largest employer is Intel.

The highest ranking city outside of Arizona is Fargo, North Dakota, which has a population of 120,762 and an unemployment rate of roughly two percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Stephanie Thomas, Economics Lecturer at Cornell University, says certain industries will enjoy the most job growth.

"According to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost nine out of 10 jobs expected to be added during 2016 to 2026 will be within the service-providing sector," she tells WalletHub. "Specifically, employment in the healthcare and social assistance sector is projected to add nearly four million jobs by 2026."

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