These are the best jobs in Australia right now

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Australia's technology, construction and health care industries all provide strong employment prospects for young professionals. But if you want to land the country's top growing job, you may just have to head back to the classroom.

That's according to new research from jobs search site Indeed, which found that teachers are seeing explosive growth in job openings in the country.

The study sought to determine Australia's best jobs, defined as those with good pay and strong demand from employers. After examining tens of thousands of job posts over the past three years, it found that "lead teacher" saw the steepest increase in new openings since 2014, placing it at the top of a list of 30 professions including tech developer and architect.

Each of the positions listed offers an average base salary of more than 80,000 Australian dollars (almost $60,000), and more than half exceed 100,000 Australian dollars. Here's the breakdown of the full list:


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Lead teacher ranked as the profession with the most growing demand on the list following a recent shortage of senior level teachers with team leadership experience.

Job postings for lead teachers shot up 1,907 percent between 2014 and 2017, causing average base salaries to rise to 92,723 Australian dollars.

According to Indeed, a lead teacher can be expected to have a minimum of 2 years' teaching experience and should be comfortable developing lesson programs and guiding more junior staff.


Global technological disruption continued to impact Australia's jobs markets throughout the study, boosting postings for a number of lucrative tech-based professions.

Full stack developer emerged as the most in-demand job on Indeed's list by the number of job postings (although demand for the role grew less than for a lead teacher in the last three years).

Earning an average base salary of 101,751 Australian dollars, a full stack developer is expected to work on both the front and back end of app development. Other lucrative tech positions in this year's list included data scientist, technology assistant and information systems manager, some earning average base salaries of as much as 141,738 Australian dollars.


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Australia's construction and property market remained strong this year, recording a boost in job postings for a range of roles from survey technician to site engineer and electrical foreman.

Overall, senior landscape architect came out as the role with the third most growth in job postings, recording a 599 percent surge in job openings since 2015.

According to Indeed, a senior landscape architect working Down Under can expect to earn a base salary of 95,575 Australian dollars for leading a team of other architects, typically on large, civil engineering projects.

Health care

The country also continued to seek health care professionals, particularly in regional areas which have been hardest hit by skills shortages.

Demand for nurses, with specialties including primary and maternity care, increased more than 150 percent over the past three years, leading to average base salaries of 93,995 Australian dollars.

Growing health awareness more generally has also led to the emergence of a new profession: Wellbeing manager. Indeed recorded a 269 percent rise in the number of employers looking to pay upwards of 110,518 Australian dollars to individuals who can manage their employee wellness programs and keep their staff's health in check.

(Note: All figures in Australian dollars for above chart.)

Indeed's managing director for Australia, Ricky Fritsch, said the prominence of tech-related roles in this year's list demonstrates the recent explosion in data use and its impact on the global jobs market.

"Companies are becoming ever more reliant on the collection and use of data and those with the skills to manage and utilize it are in hot demand. The proliferation of online applications for instance had led to the rise of full stack developers, a role few would have heard of until recent times," he said.

"It is also essential that businesses have systems in place to protect their sensitive data and this is creating new opportunities for the likes of IT security specialists and systems managers."

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However, he added that Australia still suffers from a general shortage of tradespeople and health care professionals, meaning that related professions will likely remain resilient to technological disruption and continue to enjoy good prospects in the years ahead.

"Those roles requiring that heavy human element, whether it be skilled tradespeople, medical professionals, including nurses and GPs or teachers working with students at a very personal level, are also less vulnerable to automation and should always remain in demand," said Fritsch.

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