You can now officially use the word 'bitcoin' when playing Scrabble (plus some other new ones)

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A classic board game is finally getting into the cryptocurrency trend.

Scrabble players can now officially use the word "bitcoin" as a playable word in the Hasbro board game. Merriam-Webster's announced its latest updated version of the official Scrabble dictionary on Monday.

The dictionary publisher, which maintains the game's official set of acceptable words, updated its sixth edition of the Scrabble Dictionary to include 300 new words — with "bitcoin" making the cut for the first time.

The noun "bitcoin," described by the dictionary as "a digital currency," would be worth at least nine points in Scrabble, based on the game's scoring.

Among the hundreds of other new words added to Merriam-Webster's Scrabble Dictionary this year are "emoji" and "twerk," as well as two-letter words like "OK" and "Ew."

While Merriam-Webster's regular unabridged dictionary added the word "bitcoin" in 2016, the Scrabble Dictionary is updated less frequently, and the popular form of digital currency was not included in the previous edition released in 2014.

The word was already playable in the popular mobile word game app Words with Friends, made by Zynga. (In fact, Zynga has been accepting actual bitcoin as payment for in-game purchases from users since 2014.)

This guy bought a Lamborghini with bitcoin
This guy bought a Lamborghini with bitcoin

Cryptocurrency has gained significant cache over the past few years, with bitcoin especially becoming something of a household word. (NFL star Richard Sherman even had to talk his grandmother out of buying the cryptocurrency when it was at $19,000.) The total bitcoin supply on the market is currently valued at more than $113 billion, and the cryptocoin has been the subject of consistent buzz and speculation among investors and entrepreneurs in recent years.

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NFL star Richard Sherman had to talk his grandma out of buying bitcoin
NFL star Richard Sherman had to talk his grandma out of buying bitcoin