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6 holiday gifts under $46 for your DIY friends

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Don't worry if the most popular gifts this holiday season are too expensive or flashy. This list is for your DIY friends who like to get crafty.

Here are six cool, affordable gifts for the creative people in your life:

A DIY terrarium

Price: From $28.99
Buy now: Winter-themed hanging terrarium kit

They can add some atmosphere to an office or home with this winter-themed hanging terrarium kit, complete with a live air plant.

A cake-decorating set

Price: From $31.99
Buy now: Cake-decorating kit with turntable and baking supplies

If your loved one prepares desserts worthy of The Great British Baking Show, this comprehensive kit, which includes a turntable and other baking and decorating supplies, will help them make cakes worthy of the tent — and maybe even a handshake from Paul.

An old-fashioned cocktail infusion kit

Price: From $35.00
Buy now: Old-fashioned cocktail infusion kit

With this old-fashioned cocktail infusion kit, they can transform their favorite whiskey into their new, favorite artisanal drink.

A family cookbook

Price: From $41.95
Buy now: My family cookbook

Give the gift of food and history with this custom cookbook for recording, storing and passing on the recipes that matter most.

A knit kit

Price: From $45.95
Buy now: Knit your own beanie

If they've been dreaming of making their own beanie, or scarf, or other kind of winter wear, this beginner-level knit kit will make it easy.

A vegetable-pickling crock pot

Price: From $45.95
Buy now: Vegetable pickling crock pot

Pickled vegetables are in. Crock pots are in. They can have both with this cool vegetable pickling crock pot.

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