Meet the professional matchmaker helping frustrated New Yorkers find love

Meet the daring matchmaker helping frustrated professionals find love

When Alisa Purifico rides the New York City subway, she's not glued to her phone trying to avoid eye contact with other passengers. Instead, she's scouting the crowd for that special someone. When a cute guy or gal catches her eye, she approaches to ask if they're single, sometimes opening the conversation by asking for directions or complimenting an outfit choice.

Purifico is married, but she's scouring Manhattan for mates for her clients at matchmaking company Three Day Rule, who've turned to a professional service to find the love online dating didn't yield. She's one of about 40 matchmakers at the company, which has a presence in 10 major U.S. cities.

A growing number of people are "outsourcing" their love lives to matchmakers like herself, Purifico says, especially as people are "incredibly, incredibly frustrated with dating" in the digital age.

"People are becoming more and more frustrated with finding people organically," Purifico said. "People are busier than they've ever been. They're more stressed out than they've ever been."

The people skills and emotional intelligence required to thrive as a professional matchmaker can translate into a six-figure job. Three Day Rule tells potential matchmakers they can expect to earn between $80,000 and $110,000 in combined salary and commission.

The company's clientele tends to be professionals in their 30s, 40s and 50s, "because those people are the busiest or the most frustrated. They have the least amount of time," Purifico said.

For clients in New York City, Three Day Rule offers three-month and six-month packages that cost $5,000 and $8,000, respectively. The six-month package provides at least six matches, while the three-month package provides at least three.

Take a look at the video to see how busy New Yorkers react to being approached by a professional matchmaker about finding love.

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