Americans are spending billions shopping while drunk — here's what they're buying


The amount of money that Americans are spending while intoxicated is sobering — and they're purchasing everything from cars to pets.

A recent survey from personal finance website found that 26 percent of Americans — about 53.4 million people — admit to shopping while under the influence of alcohol and collectively, Americans spent $39.4 billion on drunk purchases in the past 12 months, an increase from last year's $30.43 billion.

That means the average American drunk-shopper spent $736 while intoxicated over the last year. 

Millennials spent the most on drunk purchases over the last year, averaging $1,047. Gen Xers spent an average of $469 drunk shopping and baby boomers $466.

So what are people buying? The most popular booze-fueled purchase is food, according to the survey, with 52 percent caving in to their cravings.

Shoes and clothes is the second most common drunk purchase at 43 percent, followed by cigarettes at 30 percent. Other things people admitted to paying for while intoxicated include gambling (28 percent) and narcotics (10 percent).

The survey revealed a few drastic drunken purchases too, like 14 percent of people who booked a vacation, 12 percent who bought a pet, 10 percent who bought a car, 6 percent who purchased artwork and 5 percent who splurged on a motorbike.

However according to Finder, the number of people buying stuff after boozing is on the decline, down from 46 percent of Americans in 2018.

For its study, Finder surveyed 2,100 U.S. adults in February to gauge drunken shopping tendencies.

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