A look inside Olympic medalist Adam Rippon's designer wallet

Here's what U.S. Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon carries in his wallet

U.S. medal-winning figure skater Adam Rippon says his Louis Vuitton portfolio-style wallet reflects his elevated taste.

"I think my wallet shows that I'm a little fancy," Rippon says. But it's also practical: "I like to have everything all in one place."

Turning the wallet in his hands, the Olympic medalist, 29, says the spacious design helps him hang onto it. "It's so big that it'll feel weird if I don't have it in my hand."

Emptying its contents, Rippon pulls out a pile of cash, a passport card, his driver's license, a debit card, an expired debit card ("I'll cut that up before I leave here," he promises), an old Starbucks card, and other loose odds and ends. "It's like my junk drawer," Rippon says.

From a side pocket, he also pulls a tiny scrap of paper with a handwritten note from his boyfriend, Jussi-Pekka Kajaala.

"This is a note from my boyfriend. It just says 'J.P. loves Adam.' That's cute, right?"

How Rippon spends his money

A Pennsylvania-native turned Los Angeles resident, Rippon says he always tries to carry cash with him for parking and cash-only places. "$20, $40, $60, $80, ... $95," Rippon says, counting his money aloud. "I try to keep, like, $100 cash." 

Rippon also carries two personal credit cards and one business credit card. One of the personal cards, he says, was his first-ever credit card, which he never uses, but keeps anyway.

"I know that you're not supposed to cancel a credit card. It'll hurt your credit score," he says.

While he's mastered some credit card basics, Rippon admits he hasn't quite figured out how to optimize his credit card points.

"Here's the thing: I love points, I love to get points, I love to collect points. Do I know where they go? Absolutely not. Do I know how to use them? No. Can I redeem them? I'm not sure," Rippon says.

But, if he were to redeem the rewards, Rippon says he would most definitely use them to cover flights and travel expenses.

Rippon's post-Olympic life

Since retiring from competitive figure skating in 2018, Rippon launched a YouTube show, Break the Ice, where he interviews other celebrities and teaches them some skating moves. According to Rippon, filming of the second season starts later this summer.

Additionally, his memoir, Beautiful on the Outside, comes out on October 15 and is filled with honest, first-person accounts of his life. "I wanted it to be a really funny read, I want you to laugh at me, I want you to laugh with me," Rippon says.

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