Americans are flocking to these 10 cities where salaries have risen 25% or more in the last 5 years

Downtown Seattle.
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In a world of stagnant wages and rising costs of living, moving to a place where you can grow your income feels like a solid bet. And many American cities offer just that.

Financial advice website SmartAsset analyzed data for the 500 largest U.S. cities to determine the top "boomtowns" in the country. These areas are not only attracting new residents but feature thriving economies and ample housing. The site considered seven metrics in its ranking, including change in household income over a five-year period. It also looked at population change, unemployment rate, number of jobs created, GDP growth rate, business growth rate and housing growth.

To compile the list, SmartAsset used data from the U.S. Census Bureau's 2014 and 2018 1-year American Community Surveys, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis and the U.S. Census Bureau's County Business Patterns Survey.

Here's a look at 10 of the top boomtowns where household income rose more than 25% in five years.

10. Concord, North Carolina

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 34.7%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 10.01%

9. Milpitas, California

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 28.99%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 9.15%

8. Enterprise, Nevada

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 27.51%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 47.96%

7. Meridian, Idaho

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 30.94%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 21.72%
Thousands of kite flyers harness the wind and touch the sky with a piece of string on Saturday, April 30, 2016, at the Treasure Valley Kite Festival at Kleiner Memorial Park in Meridian, Idaho.
Idaho Statesman

6. College Station, Texas

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 38.6%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 12.3%

5. Seattle, Washington

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 31.71%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 11.46%

4. Charleston, South Carolina

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 25.13%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 7.91%
Charleston, South Carolina

3. Miami, Florida

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 31.02%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 9.43%

2. Denton, Texas

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 36.21%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 8.08%

1. Longmont, Colorado

  • Household income change 2014-2018: 29.16%
  • Population change 2014-2018: 6.43%

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