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Goop CEO Gwyneth Paltrow's advice for women: 'Cry all you want' at work

Gwyneth Paltrow
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Gwyneth Paltrow, founder and CEO of luxury lifestyle brand Goop, has something to say to those who advise women to "act like a man" or "don't cry" at work.

"I think that's total bulls---," Paltrow told CNBC Make It on Monday at Jerusalem Venture Partners' International Cyber Center in Manhattan.

"This idea that we need to reconstruct ourselves in the male paradigm version of what it is to have power or be a leader is completely untrue — and it also kind of cuts off the part of us that is so powerful," Paltrow said.

"I think that there's an emerging kind of female leader that embraces her vulnerability and creativity and intuition," she said.

"So, I think, cry all you want."

Though Paltrow believes women should use their unique strengths to succeed, she's not blind to the fact that men and women executives are often treated differently.

"As a woman CEO, sometimes when I'm at different conferences, a question that I see women CEOs get a lot are around imposter syndrome," she told CNBC Make It. "And I don't see men CEOs being asked those same kinds of questions – like 'How do you manage your time being a mom?'"

"So, I think we still have a fair ways to go in terms of how we perceive women CEOs and for us to get real parity," she said.

And Paltrow had some advice for young women, the same thing she would tell her 20-year-old self.

"Perseverance really leads to the outcome that you desire," she said. "So often, we have a belief or a passion and we head down a road, and then I see a lot of people thrown off course, they are deterred by criticism or stumbling blocks.

"I think one of my gifts is that I've always persevered no matter what, and that's the only way to get that outcome. But I wish I'd kind of known that earlier," she said.

As of March, Goop has secured a total outside investment of $82 million, and the company's most recent public valuation is for $250 million, CNBC reported.

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