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Self-made millionaire: 3 'green' strategies that will make you more successful

Grant Cardone
Self-made millionaire Grant Cardone.
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Tomorrow is Earth Day, and that means people all across the country are thinking about how to clean up the world. That might mean you make sure to recycle that Pepsi can, or plant some trees this weekend, or have a conversation with your family about being more eco-friendly.

I'd like to make the planet better as much as the next guy, but what about making your world financially better, too?

Here are three tips to help you go green this year, to make your own economy sustainable and to change the climate of your life:

1) Recycle

Just because you sold someone something once doesn't mean they won't need something again in the future. Chances are you don't follow up on leads diligently enough, consistently enough or long enough. All that new business you desire is sitting in your past customer's file.

The fact that you forgot about old leads doesn't mean that person is no longer potentially in the market for your services again.

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You've already invested time and energy into a customer, so why not keep following up? They will buy again.

2) Make an energy audit

Earth day is about becoming more energy efficient, right? Sometimes I get asked, "Where do you get your energy?" The answer is that I normally get eight hours of sleep each night. I produce a lot of energy because I usually eat right and take care of my body.

The more energy you have the more you can accomplish in business. You want to be a source of energy, not just a receiver of it.

Think about where your energy is going and focus on producing energy into areas that will increase your income.

An avocado hangs from a tree at a farm in Pauma Valley on March 5, 2014 near Valley Center, California.
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3) Plant a contact

We all know about the concept of reaping and sowing. In order to sow, you must begin planting. There will be no contracts without first getting contacts. Begin to use phone calls, personal visits, mail, e-mails, social media, newsletters and community involvement because every person you meet will buy something sometime in the future.

The truth is, the more you plant today, the greener your world will be tomorrow.

This Earth Day, I'm going to 10X my world, which is the same type of alternative energy that can power your world and your bank account. It's not about saving energy — it's about spending it.

Yes, be eco-friendly and make the earth a little greener, and also consider your economy and how you can get more green into your bank account.

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