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7 stress-relief gifts that are great year-round

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For most people, the holiday season is a time not only for festivities, parties and moments with family, but it also marks at least a few days of much-needed unwinding and downtime away from a stressful job.

But who says relaxation needs to stop after vacation is over?

While you are in the gift-giving spirit, consider giving your friends, family or co-workers a stress-relieving gift they can make use of once they are back in the hustle and bustle of work.

For even the busiest people, these seven gifts serve as a great year-round reminder to take moments in the day to clear your mind and make time for yourself.

1. Magnetic sculpture

Photo: Glantop via Amazon

Price: $9.99
Buy now: Magnetic sculpture

As simple as this magnetic base and set of stainless steel balls looks, the fun comes from how they seemingly defy gravity as you move them. You can create an endless amount of sculpture combinations which will stay in place.

2. Kinetic sand

Photo: Brookstone

Price: $19.99
Buy now: Kinetic sand

Your sandbox days might seem far away, but this Brookstone kinetic sand isn't the gritty, salty sand you'll find at the beach or a park. Run your hands through this really soft sand which sticks to itself, never dries out and won't leave a mess wherever you decide to use it.

3. Headspace subscription

Photo: Headspace

Price: starting at $12.99
Buy now: Headspace app

If you know someone who says they would like to try meditation but can't find the time to, there's the Headspace app. For just a few minutes a day, the app's guided meditation segments help decrease stress and improve happiness. The app is free, as well as 10 guided meditations, but you can gift this self-care method with either a one-month, one-year or two-year subscription.

4. Zen stone garden

Photo: luludilivingframe via Etsy

Price: $55
Buy now: Zen garden

Most people have a hard time leaving their desk, so this tabletop zen stone garden can provide someone with a relaxing touch of nature.

5.  Indecisive Spinner Pin

Photo: AdamJK

Price: $10
Buy now: Enamel pin

Great for pinning to a jacket or bag, this enamel pin (which actually spins) is sure to come in handy when even making up your mind is a tough task.

6. ZenEgg

Photo: Gašper Premože

Price: $33
Buy now: ZenEgg

If you knock over this minimalist wooden egg, it's designed to stabilize again after 15 seconds — a feature its designer Gašper Premože used to remind people to center themselves no matter what comes their way. In those 15 seconds, the ZenEgg corresponds to a relaxing zen breathing pattern. It's also great for massages.

7. Buddha Board

Photo: Buddha Board

Price: $34.95
Buy now: Buddha Board

On those days when you can't just say what's on your mind, the Buddha Board allows you to paint on the surface with water ... and then watch your strokes disappear. As the water dries off, your worries might also fade away.

Disclosure: These items have been handpicked by our editorial team. CNBC has affiliate relationships with some retailers so in some cases, if you purchase an item from one of our gift guides, we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchase. This holiday season, the proceeds will be donated to the Council for Economic Education, which supports economic and financial education.

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