How to land a job at Etsy

Etsy headquarters in Brooklyn, New York.
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If you have ever bought something handmade or vintage off of the internet, you probably know about Etsy. The e-commerce company provides a marketplace for small businesses to sell unique items.

And as tech workplaces go, Etsy is just as unique. Roughly 54 percent of Etsy's workforce identify as women, 87 percent of the sellers on Etsy are women and Etsy is one of just a few tech companies with gender parity on its executive board. This unique workforce is part of what makes Etsy such an exciting place to work.

Carrissa Menendez, Etsy's Vice President of People and Workplace at Etsy knows firsthand how special Etsy is as a company. "It is a place where people can really make an impact on the lives of almost two million sellers," she tells CNBC Make It.

In order to land a job at Etsy, Menendez says that applicants need to show that they are just as uniquely passionate, human and curious as the company is.

Here are three things you need to do in order to put your best foot forward at Etsy:

An employee walks past a quilt displaying Etsy Inc. signage at the company's headquarters in the Brooklyn.
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1. Study the business

As simple and obvious as it may seem, the first thing that applicants should do if they want to land a job at Etsy is get to know the business inside and out.

"I would really recommend that people kind of study the business. What I mean by that is we really care about people who are passionate about what Etsy does and can remember throughout, not only the interview process but throughout their careers here at Etsy, that what we're really about is making our sellers successful," says Menendez.

Indeed, understanding Etsy's business structure and mission is something that Menendez says was crucial to her ability to land a position at the company over four years ago.

"When I reached out, I gave a little bit of history about myself but also I talked a lot about what I understood and what I loved about Etsy, and I think that that's kind of what it comes down to for Etsy now as well. We really want people who are passionate about Etsy and our mission," she explains. "I took the time to learn about Etsy's business and tie that into what I thought that I could bring to the business and also why that matters to me in terms of the company's mission."

Learning how the company works, assessing what kinds of skills their employees need and demonstrating that you have what it takes will not only help you land a job at Etsy but can help you put your best foot forward no matter where you apply.

2. Stay human

It's one thing to know how to talk about Etsy's mission, "to keep commerce human," but what really sets applicants apart is being able to walk the walk — that is, demonstrate the characteristics that are central to the company's mission, like empathy and humility.

"We really appreciate confidence but also we appreciate people who have a sense of humility," says Menendez.

Part of Etsy's dedication to keeping commerce human includes a commitment to diversity. "We're also, of course, looking for people who bring in diverse perspectives, whether it's from different industries or different backgrounds."

If you have an experience or background that makes you unique, be sure to mention how it can help the team. Be proud of the ways you stand out.

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3. Be curious

As unique as Etsy may be, when it comes down to it, Etsy is looking for something that companies like Tesla and Facebook are also seeking — curiosity. Menendez explains that the company is looking for "people who are really curious to learn."

Showing that you are interested in and open to learning new things will make you shine in an interview at Etsy and will show hiring managers that you have what it takes to fit into Etsy's culture of open curiosity.

The typical interview process at Etsy includes a phone interview followed by several group interviews. Be sure to ask lots of questions and show interest in what each person you speak with.

"The people here are inspiring, they are smart, they are genuine and they are open to learning," says Menendez. "By that I mean, open to asking questions, open to getting feedback — and I love that about Etsy."

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