How to land a job at Twitter 

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Twitter's mission has subtly shifted over the past several years. In 2014, the company's mission easily fit within the old 140-character limit: "To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers."

Just as the social media company's character limit has evolved, so has the company's mission. Today, Twitter says it's goal is "to power positive global change by fostering respectful conversations, creating deeper human connections and encouraging diverse interactions among individuals and teams, across our organization, and on the platform resulting in a more globally inclusive culture and more globally diverse workforce."

It's a mission that's weathered scrutiny — in recent months Twitter purged millions of fake accounts and faced criticism for its reluctance to condemn conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. But despite the controversy, Jim Cramer says Twitter is a smart company to invest in, and employees seem to agree.

"When I ask people why they joined Twitter, they always say is because they believe in the purpose that we serve," Steve Bonomo, Twitter's head of global talent acquisition and people analytics, tells CNBC Make It.

According to Bonomo, Twitter received more than 150,000 applications last year, and today, the company has over 450 open positions. Twitter, like the rest of the industry, is hungry for tech talent and actively searching for workers who can help the company achieve their mission.

Here's how you can land a job at Twitter.

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In order to compete for software engineers, data analysts and even non-technical workers, Twitter proactively networks with potential employees.

"I think any company that's going after software engineers will realize that the vast majority of your hires come through referrals and networking and proactive outbound communication," says Bonomo. "Most of the great software engineers and other great workers that are out there are happily employed. Their managers are trying to do everything to keep them there. We literally need to go out there and build relationships to get people."

If you want to land a job at Twitter, focus on building one of these relationships. Leverage your existing network of friends, family members and coworkers, attend industry events and reach out to Twitter employees with careers you admire. Be sure to flex your networking muscles, because the people at Twitter may be actively looking for someone just like you.

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Keep up

Once you've built a relationship with someone who can refer you, buckle up.

"It happens pretty quick," says Bonomo. "We do try to expedite the process, because we do know that most people are not just talking to one company and we need to move pretty fast."

The first step of the company's interview process is connecting with a recruiter, followed by a brief phone conversation in which Twitter can better explain the role and the applicant can discuss their interests and experiences. During this stage, and in all other stages, applicants should be prepared to discuss how their desires and expertise make them a great fit for Twitter.

Next, applicants will have a phone or video interview with a hiring manager. This step is aimed at determining whether a potential employee has the right background for the role. Some workers then face a technical interview that tests relevant skills like coding, data analysis and engineering.

Applicants who reach this stage are then invited to one of the Twitter offices to participate in a panel interview with potential coworkers and managers. The employees then compare several candidates, and eventually extend offers.

Bonomo says this entire process usually takes between one and two weeks, which means that applicants should get their interview practice in ahead of time. Prepare answers to common interview questions before your first interview so that you aren't struggling to fit in prep between stages.

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Prove your passion

During the interview process, applicants need to clearly, precisely and passionately prove that they believe in Twitter's mission.

"Obviously we need somebody who has the skills and experience to do the job, but it goes beyond that," says Bonomo. "We really want to understand someone's motivations to be a part of Twitter. "

The importance of passion is instilled at all levels of the company, he says, and hiring people who are passionate about Twitter's work is good for the company's culture and for the bottom line.

"I firmly believe that if you align a person with something they're extremely passionate about, they will stay longer and perform at a higher level. If you can align a person's professional with their passion and purpose, you have a shot at doing incredible things."

Think about Twitter's mission and think about what your personal mission is — to land a job at Twitter, applicants need to express how they these two missions are a perfect match.

Correction: An earlier version overstated the number of open positions at Twitter. The correct number is 450.

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