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Mark Cuban on longevity, aging and what he does to stay healthy

Mark Cuban
Source: Mark Cuban

Tech billionaire Mark Cuban invests in dozens of companies, he stars on ABC's "Shark Tank," he owns the NBA's Dallas Mavericks and he is a frequent public speaker.

So how does 60-year-old Cuban, who has more resources than most, stay fit and healthy?

Besides working out and watching what he eats, Cuban gets his "blood tested every three to six months, so I have baselines and that's helped me learn a lot about my body," he told Recode's Peter Kafka at the South By Southwest conference in Austin, Texas on March 9. "I just try to be smart."

Cuban said he is curious about health and longevity.

"It's interesting: As you get older, your body is more receptive to vitamins and food and all these different things — allergies I never had until I hit 35 and 40. It's really interesting to try to figure some of these things out," Cuban said.

In the not-too-distant future, Cuban said, "we'll have personalized medicine."

"My son is 9 and by the time he's 40, let's say, the idea of going to a drugstore and buying over-the-counter medicine that says, 'You might be the one unlucky schmuck that dies from this,' is gonna seem barbaric," he said.

"What medications you take will be geared toward you, because our body is just one big math equation," he said. "These are all the different variables, and so we'll figure out how to solve problems in a lot of different ways than we do now."

Indeed, many forms of personalized medicine (also known as also known as precision medicine or individualized medicine, according to the Mayo Clinic)which depend on an individual's specific genomic sequence, are being researched.

It's "an evolving field used by physicians where diagnostic tests are performed to identify the biological markers. This helps in the identification of medical treatment that works best for an individual," according to Zion Market Research.

In 2017, personalized medicine was $1.58 billion market and it is projected to reach $3.47 billion by 2024, according to December data from Zion Market Research.

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