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  • Chile eyes new push on a glacier protection law Thursday, 5 Mar 2015 | 11:13 AM ET

    SANTIAGO, March 5- The Chilean government and congressional lawmakers agreed this week to work together to try to pass legislation to protect the country's glaciers, a move that could hinder development of mining projects in the world's No. 1 copper exporter. Most glaciers in South America are already receding due to higher temperatures linked to global...

  • SANTIAGO, Feb 4- A consortium led by France's Aeroports de Paris is the top bidder for a concession to run Santiago's international airport for the next 20 years and build a new terminal, as the Chilean capital seeks to become a hub for pan-Pacific traffic. The consortium consists of Aeroports de Paris, which runs Paris' Charles de Gaulle, France's Vinci Airports,...

  • Why commodity exporters may get a tailwind Sunday, 18 Jan 2015 | 5:54 PM ET
    A worker walks among coils of galvanized steel at the ArcelorMittal Eko Stahl steelworks in Germany

    Conventional wisdom suggests commodity exporters will take price declines on the chin, but Morgan Stanley expects they'll benefit most.

  • NEW YORK/ SANTIAGO- A former board member of Chile's CFR Pharmaceuticals SA was charged on Monday by U.S. regulators with insider trading on information regarding Abbott Laboratories' $2.9 billion acquisition of CFR earlier this year. Hurtado earned nearly $500,000 in profits, according to the SEC. According to the SEC, Bilbao first learned of Abbott's...

  • BOGOTA, Dec 10- Bidding to build a long-awaited $6.9 billion subway system in Bogota, Colombia's capital city, will open in the second half of 2015, the mayor said on Wednesday, adding that the project has garnered interest from foreign companies. Now the city has plans to open a first 32 km line serving 27 stations by 2020, mayor Gustavo Petro- considered the...

  • An energy source NOT threatened by falling oil Wednesday, 10 Dec 2014 | 12:31 PM ET

    Solar stocks have been dropping on fears that cheap oil will kill demand for renewables. But oil has no impact on solar.

  • The planned Trans-Pacific Partnership has faced stumbling blocks, largely because of wrangling between the pact's two biggest economies, the United States and Japan, over agricultural tariffs. But there was a lot of pressure from the United States to close a deal, said Chile's head of international economic relations, Andres Rebolledo, on the sidelines of an...

  • MEXICO CITY, Dec 5- Mexico's central bank on Friday held borrowing costs steady but said a slump in the peso could add to inflation pressures, and noted that growing social unrest in Latin America's No. 2 economy may crimp growth. Mexico's peso slumped to a fresh 2-1/ 2 year low against the dollar on Friday. The Mexican currency has been hammered as global oil prices...

  • SANTIAGO, Dec 5- The slide in oil prices will probably cut Canadian economic growth by 1/ 3 of a percentage point in 2015, not the 1/ 4 point the Bank of Canada estimated in late October, bank Governor Stephen Poloz told Reuters on Friday. He was speaking on the sidelines of an International Monetary Fund forum in Santiago two days after he held the central bank's...

  • SANTIAGO, Dec 5- The slide in oil prices will probably cut Canadian growth by 1/ 3 of a percentage point in 2015, not the 1/ 4 point estimated in late October, Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz told Reuters on Friday. However, U.S. growth is a little stronger than previously forecast and this should offset some of the downward pressure from cheap oil, Poloz said on the...

  • Lightning Round: This stock is a horse! Tuesday, 25 Nov 2014 | 7:17 PM ET
    Mad Money Lightning Round

    Are you ready skeedaddy???!!! It's time for the Lightning Round. Cramer makes the call on viewer favorites.

  • Chilean artist steals $500M in student debt papers Wednesday, 21 May 2014 | 11:28 AM ET
    Person identified as Francisco Tapia on YouTube

    A Chilean artist and activist was done waiting for education reform. What he did next was inventive, courageous, and illegal, reports the Global Post.

  • 5.8 earthquake rattles Panama   Wednesday, 2 Apr 2014 | 2:25 PM ET
    5.8 earthquake rattles Panama

    Following an 8.2 magnitude earthquake in Northern Chile, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake has struck the western coast of Panama. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports.

  • Huge quake rocks Chile's copper mining region Wednesday, 2 Apr 2014 | 1:28 PM ET
    Fishing boats at the Riquelme Cove in Iquique, northern Chile, April 2, 2014, a day after an 8.2-magnitude earthquake.

    Several metal-exporting ports in the Andean country remained closed Wednesday, suggesting trade flows might be temporarily interrupted.

  • Hawaii tsunami advisory issued: NOAA   Wednesday, 2 Apr 2014 | 12:01 AM ET
    Chile earthquake sparked 2-metre tsunami: Pro

    Brian Shiro, Geophysicist at NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, says while Chile and Peru face the highest risk of a tsunami, Hawaii could also face 1 to 3 foot waves.

  • USGS: Depth of Chile earthquake is 20 kilometers   Tuesday, 1 Apr 2014 | 9:06 PM ET
    USGS: Chile quake magnitude upgraded to 8.2

    Robert Williams of the U.S. Geological Survey, says the earthquake which struck Chile has a depth of 20 kilometers and could potentially displace the sea floor to produce a tsunami.

  • Activist targets 'sweetheart deal' at CorpBanca   Thursday, 13 Mar 2014 | 6:52 AM ET
    Activist targets 'sweetheart deal' at CorpBanca

    Teresa Barger, Cartica Capital, discusses her plans to challenge Chile's CorpBanca plans to merge with the local unit of Brazilian bank Itaú.

  • Emerging entrepreneurial hot spots Monday, 18 Nov 2013 | 6:39 AM ET
    Iman Fadaei, Kevin Ackermann and Marten Wetterberg of Aha Design

    Entrepreneurial activity is bubbling up around the globe—from Africa to South America—as more governments look for avenues of economic growth.

  • Bottoms up: There's enough wine to go around Saturday, 2 Nov 2013 | 3:00 PM ET
    Harvesting grapes in the Ribeira Sacra region of Spain on Oct. 8, 2013.

    A recent report of a wine shortfall just marks a return to a more typical level of production and won't lead to bottles vanishing from store shelves.

  • Value opportunities in emerging markets   Monday, 23 Sep 2013 | 1:41 PM ET
    Value opportunities in emerging markets

    BlackRock's head of emerging markets Jeffrey Shen says he is "finding micro opportunities in a macro obsessed world." Shen discusses why he likes the markets in Taiwan and Chile.