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Sweet Success
Kat Cole, Focus Brands Group President
From Hooters waitress to company President, Kat Cole has had a stellar rise to become a star in the restaurant industry. Under her leadership, bakery chain Cinnabon raked in more than $1 billion in global annual sales and her success has recently gotten sweeter with her biggest role yet. Focus Brands Group President Kat Cole discusses her new job and how she avoids complacency.

The Sole Matter
Adam Goldstein, Zappos Labs Senior Product Manager
What if you could choose your hourly work schedule based on higher pay and perks? Online retail giant Zappos wants to put the shoe on the other foot of its employees and is testing a surge pay compensation model similar to Uber's demand pricing model. Zappos Labs Senior Product Manager Adam Goldstein discusses why employees are happy to come to work and how there's no business like shoe business.

New Nest Egg Rules
Sharon Epperson, Personal Finance Correspondent
President Obama wants to change the rules for investment advisors who offer retirement advice. A new proposal would make sure they legally have to put your interest before theirs. Seems like it makes sense, but there are some people against it.

Kate Rogers, Reporter
Michael Jordan may have retired but the love for fancy sneakers are still in play. In the U.S. consumers purchase nearly $20 billion worth of athletic footwear annually and sales don't seem to be slowing down. Reporter Kate Rogers talks to Ken Silverman, the 73-year-old shoemaker who's reinventing his craft and is now making custom sneakers for Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé — even an Arab sheik.

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