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From the Battlefield to the Boardroom
James Bogle, USC Master of Business for Veterans Program Director
Blake Pickell, USC Master of Business for Veterans Graduate
A new program aimed at returning veterans, to help them adjust to and enter the business world. How it works, how military skills can be applied to civilian life and why a program like this is needed. The man who runs the program, James Bogle, and a recent graduate, Blake Pickell talk transition, translation and training.

Whistleblowing, Revenge and Money
Eamon Javers, Reporter
Bradley Birkenfeld, Whistleblower
The extraordinary story of how one man helped shine a light on the mysterious world of Swiss banking. How he ended up in jail, and why he says the 100 million dollar reward he got for whistleblowing might not be enough. Reporter Eamon Javers explores the story of Bradley Birkenfeld.

Behind the Lines and the Lens
Lynsey Addario, Author, Photographer
One war photographer's remarkable story, in search of images and the truth. How she began her career, was kidnapped twice while covering war zones, and how social media is changing what she does. We talk to Lynsey Addario, author of "It's What I Do".

A Helping Hand for Returning Vets
Sharon Epperson, Personal Finance Correspondent
How returning veterans facing financial challenges can find programs to lend them a helping hand. Whether it's home loans, credit card debt, or getting an education. Personal Finance Reporter Sharon Epperson has important information for vets making the transition back to civilian life.

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