The one trait a productivity coach says every successful manager should have

Steve Carell as Michael Scott in "The Office" is known to be an incompetent manager.
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All effective managers have one trait in common: They're supportive. They do everything they can for their teams.

That's according to Ellen Faye, a productivity coach who works with executives to help them be more effective in the workplace. "I think the most important thing a leader can do is to support the success of his team and to ensure systems are in place," she tells CNBC. "Without that, there's no such thing as productivity."

Faye explains these successful managers think beyond themselves and implement ways of doing things to benefit all employees. "Great leaders ensure their teams have the resources they need to deliver the work they've been hired and selected to do," she says. "This not only includes enough people to perform the expected work, but also clear and executable processes."

A manager's support allows employees to better deliver results, work with customers without issue and be more efficient, she adds.

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Many leaders don't understand how important it is to implement time-saving processes, according to Faye. "Many executives think that to be successful, they just need good ideas," she explains. "But good ideas without a solid implementation plan and good process are a dime a dozen. Many executives think that the vision ... can magically happen."

That, of course, isn't true.

Instead, managers need to do much more to inspire success. "It's all about ensuring that the people executing the task, vision, idea and concept know the most effective way to do the job so their focus can be on customer experience," she says.

"So many businesses don't invest the time to create the proper processes or don't have the right person developing the system so that the routine tasks can be on autopilot," says Faye. "When considering how to build a great work culture, a leader simply can't skip the details."

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