This $350,000 Cadillac Escalade is bulletproof with pepper-spray dispensers — take a look inside


Should James Bond ditch the Aston Martin, he might find comfort in the $350,000 AddArmor Executive Cadillac Escalade.

AddArmor, a company that produces advanced armoring technology, built the Executive Escalade with European B6 ballistic armoring (which it says can withstand high-powered rifle rounds) as well as "counterattack" capabilities, like pepper spray dispensers.


Take a look inside.

The AddArmor Escalade's windows are made from two-inch thick ballistic glass that acts as transparent armor and is used in military technology. It protects against high-powered rifles and explosives.


There's a 360-degree camera system that includes night vision, an anti-jamming satellite communications system and active mine/explosion detection.

The car also features a sound cannon (a loud siren that is heard at a special frequency above police sirens); electric-shock door handles (which give off 120 volts of electricity to shock an intruder if they touch the door); pepper spray dispensers (the nozzles are hidden in the roofline above the doors and spray up to six feet); and barricade-busting bumpers (generally used in SWAT vehicles to thwart attacks).

The Escalade's run-flat tires allow the car to drive 30 miles after sustaining multiple, high-powered rifle shots.


Inside the car, there are hidden lock boxes for valuables and firearms. But it's not all armor and military tech. The vehicle also has a 34-inch, high-definition smart TV in its retractable divider, and it's available with DirecTV, Apple TV and HBO.


There is 4.5 inches of extra head room, custom suede interiors and color-shifting LED lighting. Accent lights for the custom bar and ice chest are made with mood-adjustable LEDs.

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