The US has more multi-millionaires than China, Japan and Germany combined

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The United States remains the country with the highest number of "ultra high net worth" (UHNW) residents, defined as those with a net worth of $30 million or more, in the world. That's according to data firm Wealth-X, which recently released its seventh edition of the "World Ultra Wealth Report."

The U.S. is home to 81,340 UHNW individuals, accounting for 31% of the global ultra wealthy population. That's more than the next five countries combined, including second-ranked China, third-ranked Japan and fourth-ranked Germany.

Plus, one of America's biggest cities, New York, regained its status as the world's richest city, which was held by Hong Kong last year.

The top 10 countries accounted for 72% of the global ultra wealthy population, Wealth-X reports.

chart asset: wealth x report 2019

In general, the report showed "muted growth" of the world's ultra wealthy population, rising by just 0.8% from 2017 to 2018. The previous year, the population increased by almost 13%.

The slowed growth is "in part due to a late-year slump in investor sentiment and global equity markets," says Wealth-X. Last year was a challenging one for investors, thanks to rising world trade tensions and softening economic growth, the report adds.

Here's the full breakdown of where UHNW individuals reside, including the change in the UHNW population in each country from the previous year.

10. Switzerland

2018 UHNW population: 6,145
Change in population from 2017: -4%

9. Italy

2018 UHNW population: 6,270
Change in population from 2017: 5.1%

8. Hong Kong*

2018 UHNW population: 8,950
Change in population from 2017: -10.6%

*Hong Kong is a semi-autonomous, special administrative region of China, Wealth-X says.

7. United Kingdom

2018 UHNW population: 9,575
Change in population from 2017: 2.2%

6. France

2018 UHNW population: 10,145
Change in population from 2017: 0.1%

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5. Canada

2018 UHNW population: 10,395
Change in population from 2017: -4.1%

4. Germany

2018 UHNW population: 15,685
Change in population from 2017: 4%

3. Japan

2018 UHNW population: 17,855
Change in population from 2017: -0.3%

2. China

2018 UHNW population: 24,965
Change in population from 2017: 1.3%

1. United States

2018 UHNW population: 81,340
Change in population from 2017: 2.2%

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