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Start-up Canoo's new electric pickup truck has a bubble windshield and converts to a camper — take a look

Canoo unveiled its new electric pickup truck on Thursday, which is expected to hit the market by 2023.
Source: Canoo

Canoo is an electric automaker start-up with a reputation for producing cars with a unique aesthetic. It certainly lived up to that reputation with the unveiling of its new electric pickup truck on Thursday.

The new pickup, which will begin preorders in the second quarter of 2021 before hitting the market in 2023, features a flat front with an almost bubble-like windshield.

Canoo said in a statement that the company designed the vehicle "to be the most cab-forward and space efficient on the market, with massive cargo capacity on the smallest footprint possible."

EV start-up Canoo unveiled its electric pickup on March 11, 2021.
EV start-up Canoo unveiled its electric pickup on March 11, 2021.

The flat front design, which is similar to a van, basically puts the driver almost on top of the truck's front wheels, allowing for more storage space in the cab and the rear cargo bed. The electric pickup also features a front cargo storage area that, Canoo says, "can hold tools or gear, also includes a fold down worktable with electrical outlets."

A fold-out worktable in the front of Canoo's electric truck.
Source: Canoo

And the 6-foot-long rear cargo bed has an overall payload capacity of 1,800 pounds, while also featuring a pull-out extension that reaches 8 feet in overall length.

Canoo's new electric pickup features an extendable rear cargo bed.
Source: Canoo

The pickup is also designed to fit "a vareity of camper shells," the company said, which would allow drivers to convert the electric truck into a mobile camper with additional storage and space for sleeping. (Canoo has not yet announced a base price for the electric pickup, or what additional costs it might charge for add-ons, like a camper or roof racks.)

Canoo's new electric pickup can convert into a camper.
Source: Canoo

Canoo says the electric pickup will feature up to 600 horsepower and a battery range of more than 200 miles. That range falls short of some other electric pickups likely to hit the market in the next year or two, including Tesla's Cybertruck (with a range of 250 miles to more than 500 miles, depending on the version) in 2022.

The pickup reveal stirred up some excitement around Canoo's stock, causing shares of the company to surge more than 20% from Thursday into Friday. Founded in 2017, the company went public in December, following a merger with a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC. That same month, Canoo unveiled a futuristic, boxy electric van for commercial customers called a multipurpose delivery vehicle, or MPDV.

Canoo's van – known as a multipurpose delivery vehicle, or MPDV, because of the ways it can be upfitted – is designed for commercial customers.

Canoo faces a crowded field of electric pickups expected to reach the public in the coming years, including the Cybertruck, as well as pickups from other electric startups like Rivian, Nikola, Lordstown Motors and Bollinger Motors. Meanwhile, traditional automakers are also entering the fray, with Ford expected to release an electric version of its best-selling F-150 pickup in 2022 and General Motors planning to release electric trucks from its Hummer and Chevrolet brands.

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