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These are the top 10 most neighborly cities in the U.S.—and only one is in the South

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In September, unveiled its list of America's 25 most neighborly cities.

The cities on the list were ranked by examining residents' charitable giving, generosity, happiness, and well-being.

In addition to determining the most neighborly cities, the study found that 42.5% of people are more willing than before to help a neighbor after the COVID-19 pandemic.

And nearly 30% of people say they hang out with their neighbors and local friends more than they used to.

No. 1 most neighborly city in the U.S. in 2022: Rochester, New York

Population: 206,357

The Flower City topped the list because of its consistent ranking for neighborly acts, volunteering, charitable giving, and happiness.

Top 10 most neighborly cities in the U.S. in 2022

  1. Rochester, New York
  2. Madison, Wisconsin
  3. Provo, Utah
  4. Oxnard, California
  5. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  6. Raleigh, North Carolina
  7. Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  8. Poughkeepsie, New York
  9. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  10. Des Moines, Iowa

Madison, Wisconsin, fell from the top spot it held in 2021. According to's research, Madison is the second happiest city in the U.S. and is home to one of only five platinum-level biking trails.

The next city on the list is Provo, Utah, which climbed up to no. 3 from 23rd place on last year's list.

Provo had the highest rate of charitable giving and the highest number of residents who reported volunteering for local organizations.

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