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SAP wins over German workers in Glassdoor's latest 'Best places to work' survey – surpassing the likes of Daimler and BMW 


Leading software business SAP has been crowned by Glassdoor as the best place for German employees to work during the next year — and it's not just Germany that SAP is winning over.

In Glassdoor's annual best place to work rankings, the German-based group has made an appearance in five of the lists published this week, including France and the U.K. Reviews on Glassdoor see employees praise the company for the company's work benefits and positive atmosphere shown across staff levels.

In Glassdoor's 25 'Best Employers' list for Germany, it's not just tech firms hitting the spot - transportation, consultancy and retail groups are also popular among the workforce.

To compile, the recruiter examined the input that workers give when offering feedback, in addition to ratings, which range from 1 to 5. With more than 830,000 companies assessed on Glassdoor worldwide, the top 10 firms in this list surpassed the average rating of 3.4; with each group receiving a figure of at least 4.3.

Here's the top 10 companies to work for in Germany:

10. Continental

Coming in at no. 10 is the first of many firms from the automotive space to feature. Continental is all about creating pioneering services and technologies, to improve mobility, with its operations taking place around the globe.

Over 240,000 people are employed by the manufacturer, and are encouraged to foster its four key values: trust, having a passion to win, freedom to act and take responsibility, and collaborating together. Looking on Glassdoor, reviews point to a positive culture with committed team members and the chance to work flexibly.

9. MHP – A Porsche Company

Considered as a leading process and IT consulting group, MHP has offices scattered many destinations including in Germany, Switzerland, China and the U.S.

For those at the company, which has a speciality in the automotive industry, staff members are entitled to training courses for both hard and soft skills. It has also been recognised by employees on Glassdoor for its great collaborative team and innovative atmosphere.

8. HelloFresh

Less than a decade old and HelloFresh is already making waves in the meal-kit services space, having made its mark in over 10 countries including the U.S. and New Zealand. In its home nation, German staff are a big fan of its corporate culture, with Glassdoor reviews indicating that there's always room for employee growth and a collaborative team atmosphere. Another aspect workers are likely to rave about is the work perks. In Germany, these can include free language classes, discounts for sports and fitness, weekly Yoga classes and discounts on HelloFresh products.

7. BMW

Another leading automobile brand to hit the top 10 is BMW.

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The overall BMW Group — which includes the BMW brand, as well as MINI and Rolls-Royce — has around 130,000 passion-driven individuals posted around the world.

The firm itself aims to welcome all ages, including those who are doing their studies, with BMW offering apprenticeships and internships for those still at school. When it comes to corporate values, BMW abides by five key terms: responsibility, openness, trust, transparency and appreciation.

6. Fraunhofer Society

Seen as the largest application-oriented research organization in Europe, Fraunhofer has more than 70 institutes and units scattered around Germany, dedicated to research. To keep these branches running, Fraunhofer has hired over 25,000 people with a budget of 2.3 billion euros available for research each year.

The research conducted covers a multitude of areas, including energy, mobility, health and the environment. One review that Glassdoor picked out showed a colleague praising the flexible work schedule and strong team at the firm.

5. Capco

As a global consultancy specializing in management and technology, Capco is looking to hire top talent to deliver on client requests. Inside the firm, Capco doesn't just want its employees to consult and deliver on key tasks, it looks to promote innovation while helping staff grow and excel in what they do.

According to its website, Capco has "no forced hierarchy", meaning that people are in charge of managing their own careers and receive coaching to help develop their performance.

4. Daimler

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of commercial vehicles, Daimler is responsible for several brands including Mercedes-Benz, smart, and FUSO.

As of 2017's year-end, Daimler has more than 289,000 employees based in offices around worldwide. Inside the firm, Daimler aims to provide a broad range of opportunities, including international assignments, flexible work models and tailored development schemes.

3. Robert Bosch

Renowned around the world for the technological products and services it offers, Bosch has a large workforce to keep it remaining ahead of the curve.

The Robert Bosch GmbH logo sits on the exterior of Messe Stuttgart exhibition center as automobiles pass in Stuttgart, Germany, on Monday, July 18, 2016.
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With a global headcount exceeding 400,000 colleagues, Bosch describes its team as forward-thinking and offers opportunities to people on all age levels, from school and university students, to more professional roles. Reviews on Glassdoor see employees praise areas such as pay and overall company atmosphere.

2. Infineon Technologies

Coming in at no. 2 is a leading semiconductor and system solutions group, Infineon. With offices based around Asia, Europe, North America and beyond, Infineon has a large workforce of more than 37,000 to fill these locations.

Looking at reviews on Glassdoor, employees describe its workplace as friendly with a great team mentality. In addition to this, several benefits are available for employees including flextime and sabbaticals.

1. SAP

This year, SAP has secured an impressive feat in Glassdoor's rankings. Not only has been crowned the top employer in its home country, the German software group is also considered a great place to work in France, the U.S., Canada and the U.K. for 2019.

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So what's SAP's secret to success? First off, it has a global outreach. With SAP offering support to more than 413,000 customers, the firm has a large workforce to keep itself thriving, having hired over 94,900 people.

In addition to that, SAP invests $100 million into career development every year, and delivers a lot of health-related benefits coverage, including dental and vision.

Here is the complete rankings of Glassdoor's 'Best Employers' for Germany in 2019

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