Here are the highest-paying companies in the UK this year, according to Glassdoor

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For Britons looking to secure their next job, it might be worth considering a career in finance or technology, as that's where the large salaries and bonuses are, according to new research.

In Glassdoor's latest U.K. list of highest-paying companies, U.S. tech firms and European lenders heavily populate the rankings, with banks securing three of the top five spots.

"It is no surprise that multinational tech and finance firms dominate the list, given that both industries compete fiercely for talent," said John Lamphiere, EMEA Managing Director at Glassdoor, in a statement.

"While salary and bonuses might get people in the door, it is more likely to be culture and career progression that help people stick around in the long term."

To compile, Glassdoor analyzed median total compensation packages published on its site for various companies — including base salary and other types of compensation — from reports by U.K.-based employees. To be eligible, a business had to have received at least 30 salary reports by U.K. workers during March 2018 and February 2019.

Here are the 25 highest-paying businesses in the U.K. (figures used are the median total compensations, per year):

Top 25 highest-paying businesses:

25. Bloomberg L.P. — £61,000 ($77,200)
24. Octopus — £61,500
23. Rackspace — £62,500
22. Veritas — £62,500
21. Morgan Stanley — £64,000
20. BlackRock — £65,000
19. Babylon Health — £65,000
18. Societe Generale — £66,500
17. Just Eat — £66,500
16. Investec — £67,500
15. Microsoft — £68,000
14. Bank of America — £70,000
13. McKinsey & Company — £70,000
12. Cisco Systems — £72,250
11. Goldman Sachs— £74,000

10. Google

Median Total Compensation: £78,000
Median Base Salary: £62,500

With offices located in Manchester and London, Google also has a Campus space in the English capital, for up-and-coming start-ups and entrepreneurs. On Glassdoor, employees praise the group's motivational mission and culture, while over 90% of British Googlers would recommend it to friends.

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9. UBS

Median Total Compensation: £79,000
Median Base Salary: £75,000

UBS currently operates in over 50 nations, with over half of its 68,000-plus employees working in the EMEA region and its home market of Switzerland. With a desire to encourage internal mobility within its workforce, UBS has an eponymous university, where staff can access leadership programs and over 2,400 trainings.

Regarding advice to employees, CEO Sergio Ermotti says that it's now more important than ever to adapt and be flexible, so staff can acclimatize to new developments.

8. Oracle

Median Total Compensation: £80,000
Median Base Salary: £66,250

When it comes to hiring, Oracle has 10 values that it encourages its employees to abide by, including striving for excellence, treating others fairly and respectfully, and always seeking to innovate.

Yet that's not all. The company aspires to encourage workers to undertake volunteering opportunities, while projecting a business that promotes sustainability, education and giving back — with Oracle donating millions to charity every year.

7. Dell

Median Total Compensation: £84,825
Median Base Salary: £62,500

The computer tech giant is located in several U.K. places, including Belfast, Bracknell and Edinburgh; in addition to offering flexible working opportunities. Aside from flexibility, on its reviews page, staff praise Dell's learning opportunities and people they work with, while others do warn that it's a fast-moving environment.

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6. Salesforce

Median Total Compensation: £85,000
Median Base Salary: £66,806

At the heart of this software behemoth is Salesforce's "Ohana" culture, which is propped up by four values: trust, innovation, equality and growth. With around 30,000 employees, Salesforce is able to support over 150,000 businesses, including Schneider Electric and T-Mobile.

In Glassdoor's 2019 "Top Companies" rankings, Salesforce came in fifth place in Britain. Employee reviews indicate that it offers a strong working environment, with attentive senior management and opportunities for those who want to flourish.

5. Standard Chartered

Median Total Compensation: £85,000
Median Base Salary: £76,000

When it comes to the stock market world, Standard Chartered is considered as one of the top 100 largest businesses currently listed on the London Stock Exchange and is also registered on two of Asia's biggest exchanges.

With over 1,000 branches worldwide and its footprint present in 60 markets, the lender has hired more than 86,000 people to keep business afloat. Regarding benefits, not only are there competitive salaries, staff get perks like retirement savings, life insurance and volunteering leave.

4. Facebook

Median Total Compensation: £89,000
Median Base Salary: £74,000

Despite the social media giant's turbulent past year, regarding user data and misinformation, Facebook still ranks highly on Glassdoor's U.K. salary ranking. According to the recruiter, the average Brit receives a total salary and bonus package of £89,000, on top of benefits like competitive retirement plans and various training programs.

Reviews on Glassdoor suggest that Facebook's offices are well-designed and equipped, while others note that it's a very hardworking, competitive environment.

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3. Deutsche Bank

Median Total Compensation: £89,500
Median Base Salary: £80,000

While Deutsche Bank has been dealing with various issues in recent years — like management reshuffles, merger speculation and DOJ settlements — the bank is a top performer in U.K. salary offerings. Ranking third, with an average total compensation package of £89,500, the German lender offers a range of roles, including those in legal, marketing, and technology.

Reviews on Glassdoor indicate that Deutsche Bank provides decent benefits and work-life balance, while some U.K. workers suggest that securing a pay rise can take time.

2. SAP

Median Total Compensation: £90,000
Median Base Salary: £66,000

U.S. companies may dominate the top 10 on the tech side, yet it seems that a German software business has emerged victorious when it comes to salaries. SAP operates in over 130 countries and looks for self-motivated, reliable individuals who "think big and dream big."

In return, SAP offers benefits like health care coverage, flexible working and volunteer opportunities, all whilst investing millions in career development. On top of that, it made a frequent appearance on Glassdoor's "Top Companies" lists of 2019, with SAP placing eighth in Britain's ranking.

1. Credit Suisse

Median Total Compensation: £90,000
Median Base Salary: £82,000

As a major wealth manager, Switzerland's Credit Suisse is a firm favorite when it comes to U.K. wages. According to Glassdoor, the median total compensation package for a typical Credit Suisse employee in Britain comes in at £90,000, matching SAP, but with a higher base salary average.

With a global workforce of over 45,000, Credit Suisse states that its "most important asset" is its employees and their success.

On Glassdoor, U.K. employee reviews indicate that the bank offers a great culture with friendly, engaged employees, along with various benefits including flexible working and health care.

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