The companies most admired by tech workers

These are the most desirable companies to work for in 2017

The United States is currently facing a skills gap that Penny Pritzker, founder of PSP Capital Partners and former secretary of Commerce says is, "the defining issue of our time." This talent crunch is forcing tech companies to compete for the best workers, making a company's reputation is more important than ever.

Comparably surveyed over 15,000 employees across the tech industry to see how the reputations of Big Five tech companiesAmazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft — are faring and found that the following five companies are the most admired among tech workers:

Google's Canadian headquarters in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Peter Power

5. Microsoft

Headquartered: Redmond, Washington

Number of employees: over 124,000

Most admired by: 9 percent of respondents

4. Facebook

Headquartered: Menlo Park, California

Number of employees: over 25,000

Most admired by: 10 percent of respondents

3. Apple

Headquartered: Cupertino, California

Number of employees: over 123,000

Most admired by: 18 percent of respondents

2. Amazon

Headquartered: Seattle, Washington

Number of employees: over 341,000

Most admired by: 25 percent of respondents

1. Google

Headquartered: Mountain View, California

Number of employees: over 73,000

Most admired by: 40 percent of respondents

Google topped Comparably's list as the most admired company in tech. Workplace culture is one reason for Google's number one status. One Google employee said, "The environment and people I work with makes going to work each day such a pleasure."

"Vacations are frequently allowed and family is allowed to come first," said a second.

A whopping 60 percent of Google employees chose their own company as the most admired firm, showing significant workplace pride. Still, almost 20 percent of Google employees polled identified Amazon as the most admired tech company, in part because of the company's notoriously generous compensation.

An Amazon employee explained, "Amazon pays above market to attract and retain the best talent. But I also appreciate thoughtful benefits — for example, you can either receive a free bus pass or an equal amount against your parking fee. I stopped driving and bus every day."

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