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This is Tony Robbins' 10-minute morning routine to 'change your day for the better'

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There are countless stories of successful people who swear by a specific morning routine to help them greet each new day with energy and focus.

Whether it's Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey meditating and exercising (including walking five miles to work) every morning to boost his mental and physical health, or Apple CEO Tim Cook spending an hour every morning reading comments from Apple users to help him focus on what his company is doing well and what could be improved.

So it's not surprising that business and life strategist and self-made multimillionaire Tony Robbins (who is a fan of health and wellness biohacks) has his own morning ritual that he uses to mentally prepare himself for the day ahead.

Robbins' daily routine involves a process he calls "Priming," which his website describes as "a ritual that involves powerful and directed breathing and movement to center yourself so that you're primed for whatever the day brings." Robbins claims the process "will train and direct your mind" to provide "lasting results."

All in all, the ritual takes less than 10 minutes, Robbins says. "There's no excuse ... If you don't have 10 minutes, you don't have a life," Robbins says in the book "Tools of Titans," by Tim Ferriss.

"Taking this time in the morning, along with a healthy breakfast, can help you get into a peak state and change your day for the better," Robbins writes on his website. "You'll set a high baseline for the rest of your day, so that you can accomplish great things in every other area of your life."

Here's how it works:


You start with a breathing exercise. First, you "sit straight with your eyes closed," according to Robbins. Then, "inhale deeply through your nostrils while simultaneously lifting your arms in a shoulder press motion, and then exhale forcefully through your nostrils while bringing your arms back to your body, palms up."

Take those breaths "in quick succession," says Robbins, and start with three sets of 10 breaths, taking breaks in between each set. The exercise should leave you feeling "energized," Robbins says.

Meditation is a pretty common tool that a number of successful people believe helps them relax and focus. In addition to Twitter's Dorsey (who famously took a 10-day meditation trip to Myanmar last year), Arianna Huffington starts her morning with some meditation and yoga, while hedge fund billionaire Ray Dalio credits his success to meditation.

The 3 biohacks Tony Robbins uses to reach superhuman energy levels
The 3 biohacks Tony Robbins uses to reach superhuman energy levels

Be thankful

From there, Robbins thinks of three things he's grateful for. "They can be from your past, your present or your future," Robbins writes on his website.

Being grateful helps him eliminate anger and fear from his mind, Robbins says. "You can't be fearful and grateful simultaneously," he told Ferriss.

Oprah Winfrey has a similar habit. The billionaire media mogul has said that she says "thank you" every morning, and that regularly practicing gratitude is one of the reasons she's been so successful.


Next, Robbins visualizes "colored light coming down and filling his body, healing anything — body, thoughts, feelings — that needs to be healed," he writes on his website.

Finally, Robbins visualizes and focuses on three goals that he wants to make happen, either that day or in the future. He imagines that he's already achieved each of those three goals — essentially, visualizing his success — which allows him to "celebrate that feeling of completion and victory."

Visualizing your success may be about more than just good vibes, though, as scientists have argued that it is possible to rewire your brain for success.

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