Estate Planning


  • Why Rich Kids Hate Their Parents Thursday, 28 Jun 2012 | 10:08 AM ET

    Why do 70 percent of family businesses fail to pass successfully to the next generation? The answer are more emotional than financial.

  • Gina Rinehart, chairwoman of Hancock Prospecting Pty.

    A new study of multi-millionaires finds that only half plan to leave their inheritence to their kids.

  • Age 68 the New 65?  Tuesday, 28 Feb 2012 | 1:55 PM ET

    Postponing your retirement by three years may be the best way to catch up on a retirement shortfall, reports CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

  • What Are Realistic Retirement Returns?  Tuesday, 21 Feb 2012 | 1:55 PM ET

    Calculating how much money you'll need to retire isn't as simple as punching numbers into a calculator, reports CNBC's Sharon Epperson.

  • “Hurry-Up Offense” Retirement — Worth It? Thursday, 5 Jan 2012 | 2:25 PM ET

    Some people who are unprepared for retirement respond with a strategy known as “Hurry-Up Offense” retirement. This entails scrambling like mad at the 11th hour to find something to live on. It’s less than ideal, but sometimes a well-planned nest egg simply doesn’t exist.

  • Dealing with Leukemia  Saturday, 10 Sep 2011 | 9:03 PM ET

    Joan and her husband Peter have been married for 33 years and have two children. Peter was recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia with an expected lifespan of 7-8 years. Joan wants to know what steps they should take to protect their future given the circumstances.

  • How Dad's Planning Helped Us Cope With His Death Tuesday, 2 Aug 2011 | 9:55 AM ET

    By making some important decisions while living, my father helped to lessen the overwhelming stress of coping with sudden loss.

  • Death, Taxes, Sex and Root Canal Thursday, 31 Mar 2011 | 1:45 PM ET

    Today I hit the big 5-0. That noise you hear is me shuddering. I'm trying to make light of it all to mask the pain — "If I'd known Depends were so convenient and useful, I would've started wearing them at 40!"

  • Estate Planning Partner Story Sunday, 1 Dec 2002 | 12:00 AM ET