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How to use TaskRabbit to earn extra money for skills you already have

TaskRabbit connects busy clients with "Taskers" who have the skills needed to perform a certain job.

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If you've been looking for a way to earn some extra cash, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't sleep on TaskRabbit as a way to make a profit by using skills you already have.

TaskRabbit is a platform that connects busy clients with "Taskers" (users offering a particular service) who have the skills needed to perform a certain task. There are many reasons why a person might hire someone to do a job for them — maybe they just don't have the time to spend hours doing it themselves, or perhaps they don't possess the know-how when it comes to the job that needs to be done. That's where Taskers come in.

People are willing to pay for a variety of different services, including cleaning, yard work, accounting, videography, event planning and even waiting on long lines, so if you have some extra time and expertise you're willing to offer, why not get paid for it?

Below, Select breaks down the ins and outs of using TaskRabbit, including how to get started, how much you can earn, the time commitment needed and a few other important details you should know about if you're interested in trying the service or becoming a Tasker.

TaskRabbit review

How to get started

First, you'll need to visit the TaskRabbit website and click on "Become a Tasker." Next, input your email address, first and last name, phone number, zip code and a password to use to access the platform.

Once you provide those details, you'll be prompted to download the TaskRabbit app, available for Android and iOS, where you can complete your profile and submit it for verification. When verifying Taskers, the platform ensures that you have a social security number, are at least 18 years old and have a checking account so you can receive payments. Taskers must also be able to pass a background check and if the services you're offering require certifications or licenses, you must be able to provide them. Additionally, if you're a Tasker who lives in California, you must be able to provide a business license to show that you are a sole proprietor. You'll also need to pay a non-refundable $25 registration fee in order to become a Tasker.

Tasks available

Some of the most popular tasks on the platform involve cleaning, electrical help, assistance with moving, minor home repairs, plumbing and yard work.

If you don't have any skills in those areas, don't worry, as there are still a variety of tasks you can create offers for, such as accounting, arts and crafts, car washing, computer help, cooking or baking, data entry, decoration, running errands, event planning, furniture assembly, graphic design, marketing, organization, pet sitting, photography, research, and writing and editing.

As you build your profile, be sure to select all the skills you would be able to offer services for. You can always go back and update them after your profile is approved.


While you can set your own rate for each service you offer, TaskRabbit will provide rate suggestions based on market supply and demand in your area — use this as a jumping off point for setting a rate if you have no idea what to charge.

If you're someone who has several years of experience with a specific task, you might consider charging a little more than what the platform suggests. If you're simply using the platform to strengthen a skill, however, you might want to consider just going with the suggested rate for that particular task or skill.

Time commitment

You can use TaskRabbit to work anytime you want, but you'll need to log into the app each week to confirm your availability for that week. This process ensures that clients would be able to find a Tasker who can meet their deadlines.

Some tasks, like writing and editing or marketing, may be conducted from your own home. If you're offering services that require you to travel to your client's home, such as cleaning, plumbing or yard work, you might want to consider accounting for your commute when you're thinking about how much of a time commitment you're willing to make.

There is no minimum or maximum amount that Taskers are expected to work each week.


Constantly receiving high ratings for completing tasks allows you to join the TaskRabbit Elite. To be part of the program, Taskers must consistently earn a minimum rating of 4.9 out of five stars for their tasks, have no platform violations within the past 90 days and remain in the top 5% of earners on the platform. Those who become part of the TaskRabbit Elite will also receive a special badge on their profiles to distinguish them from other Taskers.

Additionally, Taskers can receive $10 for referring friends to the platform — they must sign up to become a Tasker through your unique referral link in order for you to earn the extra cash.


Taskers pay a non-refundable $25 registration fee upfront before submitting their profile for approval. Unlike other gig service apps, though, TaskRabbit doesn't take a portion of your earnings, which means you can keep 100% of what you earn through the platform.

Bottom line

If you're looking for an easy way to build a local clientele by using skills you already possess, TaskRabbit might help you earn a decent amount of extra money, especially if the tasks involve work around the client's home. For those who are just starting out or hope to use their skills to start a business, TaskRabbit offers the opportunity to scale your services quickly since clients you find through the app could become repeat clients who reach out to you in the future — on or off the app — to retain your services again. And, of course, you can also collect testimonials from those clients.

One downside, though, is the $25 registration fee that every Tasker is required to pay before they can get their profile approved and start accepting jobs. That said, if you charge around $23 per hour to complete a task, you should be able to recoup your registration fee in almost no time.

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